Weather forecast warning: ‘Attack on Polar Vortex’ as temperatures plunge across Europe


AN “UNUSUALLY strong early attack on the Polar Vortex” is expected as Europe heads into a winter with temperatures “well below freezing”.

Severe Weather EU warned of an “unusually strong” attack on the Polar Vortex, which could have adverse impacts on Europe’s weather this winter. BBC meteorologist Helen Willetts noted that temperatures will be “well below freezing” and “below where they should be for this time of year”. She also forecasted “severe thunderstorms” across parts of Italy, Greece and the Balkans and warned of “flash flooding”.

The BBC Weather presenter said: “Strong winds as well to go with that, a line of thundery rain moving its way southwards.

“But even following there will be further bouts of really quite intense rains, the next one moving through during Thursday.

“Strong winds blowing into the coast of France and into northern parts of Iberia, more rain to come.

“To the south of that, we’ve got a lot of warmth, temperatures well above where they should be, certainly having risen on last week.”

She continued: “So that’s providing the energy in this weather front for some really intense rain.

“Snow behind it though, there will be colder air for Iberia.

“We’ll on see about 13 degrees in Madrid on Thursday.

“Some lifted dust across parts of the countries of north Africa.”

Ms Willetts added: “Temperatures will be well below freezing across northern parts of Scandinavia.

“They are well below where they should be for this time of year.

“Now the next area of low pressure really develops on Friday, giving significant snowfall for the Alpine regions.”

The BBC presenter said: “We’ll get some snow across the Pyrenees mountains and northern parts of Spain as well by that stage as the cold weather digs into those northern parts.

“So there are warnings for rough conditions at sea, very strong winds and the flooding rains potentially.

“You can see it’s a chilly weekend for Madrid, Paris and, indeed, London.

“We’ll also see some showers around for Berlin.

“It’s not as cold as it has been so far this autumn in Moscow, but we will continue with a lot of cloud.”


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