‘We want to move on’ Kate Garraway slaps down Ian Blackford over second independence vote 


GOOD MORNING BRITAIN’S hottest topic was debated again today as Ian Blackford joined the presenters to discuss the SNP’s stance on Brexit and Scottish Independence. But it wasn’t long before Kate Garraway was reminding Ian the thoughts and feelings of the public. 

Good Morning Britain concluded the week with Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard presenting. Joining them on a live video link from Glasgow was Ian Blackford, the SNP Westminster Leader, to discuss the impending General Election and where his party stands. However, during the interview, Kate brought up SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to hold another Scottish Independence vote, but she was quick to remind Ian the public’s view on it. 

Earlier in the week, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid interviewed the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, and she expressed her deep interest in holding another referendum, which she hopes would result in the Scottish people finally voting for independence. 

It comes after 55 percent of Scottish nationals voted against the country becoming independent back in the 2014 referendum. 

Nevertheless, Ian was adamant it was what the country needed, 

“I’m convinced that one we will have the referendum and I fully expect the people of Scotland to recognise that it will be in our best interest to be an independent country within Europe and make Scotland a destination,” he told the presenter. 

“But I want to unite the people of Scotland…” 

Kate interjected and said: “And if it doesn’t, would you respect that? 

“There is an argument that the SNP, as a party, picks and chooses which democratic votes they go along with. 

“You mentioned you did well there, but of course you did lose the last Scottish independence vote and you’ve come back and want more. 

“Will you just keep going until you get what you want? Because that’s what people accuse those over the Brexit referendum – people just want to keep re-running it until they get what they want. 

“Whereas, as a nation, ordinary people, want to move on,” she remarked. 

Ian hit back and said: “We need trust in politics Kate.

“While we respect democracy, there is one fundamental point, Scottish people voted to stay in the UK because the UK was staying in Europe. 


“That was a lie,” he exclaimed. 

As for whether or not the SNP would join forces with any other political party, Ian was adamant.

“He will not be going into a coalition with anyone,” he told GMB. 

“We will make sure that we deliver on the priorities for the people of Scotland.” 

It wasn’t long before he was back promoting Scottish Independence. 

“The key determinant, the key aspect we have is that we have that independence referendum, that the mandate we have already is in force,” he continued. 

Those watching the interview unfold at home took to Twitter to discuss the points Ian raised. 

“What mandate do they have for an independence referendum? Is this the made up Scotland voted to stay in the EU, when we know that is not the case. There was no Scottish vote on the EU. The vote was a UK wide vote,” someone commented. 

Another added: “Scotland said no then and will do again.” 

“Ian Blackford talks about austerity yet the @theSNP had a tax shortfall of nearly £1bln & the UK government had to lend them a further £750m buffer. They also won’t say how much tax will increase if they go independent to cover health, potential EU membership, education etc,” someone remarked. 

One tweet read: “SNP= hypocrites. Want Scottish independence but doesn’t want UK to be independent.  Plus if they got independence then they would lose the NHS as it a UK organisation.” 


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