Watch Queen call Edward Heath ‘expendable’ in hilarious unearthed clip


QUEEN ELIZABETH II told former Prime Minister Edward Heath, with whom she reportedly had a “correct but cool” relationship, that he was “expendable”, newly-resurfaced footage reveals. 

On July 24, 2019, Boris Johnson visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace after securing a clear victory over his Conservative leadership rival, Jeremy Hunt, with 92,153 votes.  Her Majesty invited him to form a Government and cemented his role as the new Prime Minister. The Queen, now 93, is the longest-reigning British monarch and since ascending the throne on February 6, 1952, has seen many Prime Ministers come and go.

In July, Mr Johnson officially became her 14th and with a general election around the corner, the monarch could soon meet her 15th. 

Even if the Queen is not allowed to share her political views and never speaks about her relationships with the leaders, there have been several reports over the years. 

Moreover, 1992 BBC documentary “Elizabeth R” sheds some light on her relationship with former Prime Minister Edward Heath.

The footage shows Her Majesty at a Buckingham Palace reception for G-7 leaders in 1991, in the run-up to the Gulf War.

Mr Heath, who had stood down as an MP in 1975, was lecturing Secretary of State James Baker on his duty to visit Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. 

He can be heard saying proudly: “I went there.”

Laughing the Queen added: “I know you did. 

“But you are expendable now.”

Even if the monarch was clearly joking, her relationship with Mr Heath had not been an easy one during his time as Conservative Party leader. 

He is remembered as the prime minister who took Britain into the European Economic Community (EEC) – the precursor to the EU. 

Mr Heath reportedly failed to charm the Queen; he was not good at small talk and they held different views about the Commonwealth, to which she held a great attachment.

According to Mr Heath’s biographer, the two had a “correct but cool” relationship. 

However, Mr Heath, like his predecessors, found her well-informed.

He once wrote about the monarch: “The Queen is undoubtedly one of the best-informed people in the world.”

Winston Churchill was the first prime minister the Queen worked with after her father died, and also the one she reportedly liked the most. 

They were said to be very close, and  Sir Winston was dubbed a “formidable presence” for the young monarch, who was just 27 at the time.

Nicholas Soames, the Tory grandee’s grandson, said: “I think the Queen valued my grandfather’s experience, and he of course loved the Queen.

“He did love her.

“I mean, she aroused in him all his romantic ideas of sovereignty and monarchy.”

Royal historian Robert Lacey also said about their relationship: “I think there’s a sense in which all the Queen’s prime ministers have been in love with her to a certain degree. 

“But it was most overtly displayed by Churchill.

“He made no pretence at it, there were tears in his eyes when he welcomed her.”


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