UK weather forecast: Coldest November since 2010 to strike Britain as ‘big freeze’ bites


BRITAIN could be struck by the coldest November in nine years as temperatures plummet to -4C (-24.8F) in some regions.

Computer forecast models suggest that this month could be the coldest since 2010, according to Weather Outlook. Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of Weathertrending said: “There are similarities between the current set-up and November 2010.”

If temperatures are under 4.9C (40.8F) (1.3C (34.3F) below normal, then this November will be the coldest since 2010, according to Met Office records.

There was an infamous “Big Freeze” in November 2010.

The month saw lows of -18C (-0.4F) in Wales on November 28, followed by a month-long whiteout which caused travel chaos.

Lows in England hit -19C (-2.2F) and -21C (-5.8F) in Scotland.

Guy Fawkes Night on November 5 will see particularly cold temperatures arrive in the UK from Northern Europe.

Temperatures in central Scotland on Tuesday night will drop to around 2C (35.6F).

However, most areas will see temperatures of 6C (42.8F) or 8C (46.4F).

In the middle of the week, Scotland will experience some snow on higher grounds and ice.

Heavy rain is expected across most the UK on Monday with yellow weather warnings in force for some areas.

Outbreaks of heavy rain will be persistent through the day on Monday.

Elsewhere, there will be some showers and dense fog patches as well.

Met Office Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “First thing this Monday morning we have persistent heavy rain across central and eastern Scotland.

“Some torrential downpours in places leading to a tricky commute on those roads this morning.

“Some difficult driving conditions, poor visibilities and some surface spray as well.”

Northern Ireland and Northern England will also experience some patchy rain in the morning.

Throughout the day, there will be a mixture of brighter skies, sunny spells and patchy showers.

There could be some flooding in places as 50 to 60 millimetres of rainfall is expected across Aberdeenshire.

Strong wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph will also be present in some areas.

Mr Dewhurst said: “The temperatures on the thermometer may read 9C (48.2F) or 10C (50F) but it will feel cooler than this.

“Lighter winds elsewhere will see highs between 10C (50F) and 13C (55.4F).

“Through Monday evening, there will be showers for England and Wales and Northern Ireland but that persistent heavy rain will continue leading to another difficult commute home from work.

“But overnight that band of rain will ease and push into northeast England.”


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