Tony Adams explains the ‘real problem’ he has about Unai Emery and Arsenal


Arsenal legend Tony Adams has had his say on the problems at his former club.

Arsenal great Tony Adams cannot believe Gunners head coach Unai Emery persists with telling his team to play out from the back.

Arsenal have often been caught out when trying to play out from defence this season and most notably gave a goal away in the 2-2 Premier League draw at Watford in September.

It is a tactic Emery has deployed since replacing former boss Arsene Wenger in the summer of 2018.

However, Adams does not think the defenders Emery has are good enough to play in that style.

Arsenal regularly gave the ball away in the first half of Saturday’s first-half trip to Leicester.

And at half time former centre-back Adams made his feelings clear on Emery’s tactics.

“Sometimes Arsenal keep giving the ball away, they’ve created a lot of problems for themselves,” Adams said on Sky Sports.

“[Rob] Holding’s gone on there, he’s on his unnatural left foot so he’s gone inside on his right foot.

“They’ve gone in and they’ve turned it over and it’s another chance for Leicester.

“Here we go, trying to play out from the back – I’ve got a real problem with them trying to play out from the back.

“I’ve seen them now all season and what point does the manager go ‘actually, we can’t play out from the back here guys, it keeps getting turned over’?

“It’s inevitable, if you keep turning it over you’re inviting pressure. It’s very worrying.

“Just push them out from the back and play in their half for a while.

“If you haven’t got the technical ability to play out… even if you haven’t you can push up to the halfway line and then drop off again and get the ball but you can’t keep turning it over.”

I’ve got a real problem with them trying to play out from the back


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