The Walking Dead: What happened to Tyreese Williams?


THE WALKING DEAD has seen characters getting slain throughout its 10 seasons but what happened to survivor Tyreese Williams?

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious virus turned people into flesh-eating zombies, The Walking Dead is the most deadly show on TV. Throughout the course of the AMC series, characters have got the chop left, right and centre. Some characters have barely made it through one series without getting killed off. Here’s a look at character Tyreese Williams (played by Chad L. Coleman) and the fate he met on the drama.

What happened to Tyreese Williams in The Walking Dead?

Tyreese joined The Walking Dead in season three’s episode Made to Suffer as a survivor from Jacksonville, Florida.

He and his sister Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) managed to survive for some time after hiding out in a bunker for seven months after the outbreak.

However, after this, they went out for supplies and to find others, before eventually joining Rick’s group.

Sadly, the character bowed out in season five after he was repeatedly bitten by a Walker.

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In a bid to stop him from becoming a member of the undead, his arm was amputated but Tyreese died from a loss of blood.

He was then reanimated as a Walker, leading Michonne (Danai Gurira) to kill him and stop him from infecting others.

Tyreese subsequently appeared on the show in a series of flashbacks and hallucinations.

He turned up most recently in one of Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) visions where the former sheriff’s deputy was walking through a place littered with the dead bodies of his friends with Tyreese being one of them.

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The dangerous nature of The Walking Dead means anyone is in the firing line and Tyreese was simply another casualty rather than the actor Cole wanting to leave.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter back in 2015, he said revealed he found out about his character’s demise three episodes before.

He initially thought showrunner at the time Scott Gimple was joking before realising Tyreese was going to be meeting his maker.

Cole explained the reasoning behind Tyreese’s death, saying: “[Gimple] said it was a necessary evil.

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“When people are endeared to a character to a degree that they are with Tyreese and have been with others, The Walking Dead needs an impactful death to remind us of the value of human life.

“So a man of Tyreese’s character and integrity — we needed to get absolute maximum value out of his death.

“The way I live my life is why it’s so impactful and necessary to remind people of what the value of human life is — and also to give other characters the opportunity to bounce off that death.”

Cole hailed his exit, saying: “He nailed it for me! It was a sad, crushing ballad. It was almost like spoken word. It was lyrically crushing.”

Since leaving the show, Cole has gone on to star in a range of bug shows including Arrow, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Expanse.

More recently, the American actor has starred in The Orville and All Americans.

What happened to Tyreese Williams in The Walking Dead?


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