The Walking Dead: What happened to Sasha Williams? Why did Sonequa Martin-Green leave?


THE WALKING DEAD has a revolving door of cast members with characters coming and going. But what happened to Sasha Williams and why did star Sonequa Martin-Green leave the series?

AMC hit The Walking Dead has been on screens for a decade now. Season 10 has seen a further loss of life in the continuing battle to survive in the post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden lands of the Deep South. Here’s a look at character Sasha Williams (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) and her fate on the horror series.

Sasha was introduced to The Walking Dead in season three with the character and her brother Tyreese (Chad L. Cole) joining the survivors after managing to survive in a bunker for seven months after the outbreak.

She was a fearsome character who was created for the TV series by The Walking Dead comic book writer Robert Kirkman and doesn’t have an equivalent in the source material.

The former firefighter was dab hand at shooting and rarely missed but she was scarred by the horrors she’d seen and suffered from PTSD.

She also struggled to cope when she met the Alexandrians because they had sheltered lives away from the anarchy brought about by the apocalypse.

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Sasha met a heroic end on the show in season seven as she tried to infiltrate the Saviors and Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) camp but the plan became unstuck.

She went there to avenge Abraham Ford’s (Michael Cudlitz) death but was captured by Negan who wanted to use her to kill her own friends.

However, Sasha had other ideas after she took suicide pills Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) had given her.

By the time the Saviors had carried her in a coffin back to the Alexandrians, she had died and came back as a Walker.

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Sadly, Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) had to kill Sasha’s Walker in a heartbreaking scene.

Although Sasha may have died, she appeared later on in a flashback in season eight.

She also featured in a scene in season nine where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) hallucinated walking through a place strewn with the corpses of his loved ones and friends, among the dead was Sasha.

Actress Sonequa has gone on to lead Star Trek: Discovery as Starfleet officer Michael Burnham.

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However, the star has previously stated she didn’t leave The Walking Dead for Star Trek: Discovery. Instead, she character’s arc on the AMC series was coming to an end.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2017, she said: “It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, because what was happening on Walking Dead was already underway. It was the path. It was definitely in place.

“And then as we were going into the very end of the season, the very end of our shoot for the season — that’s when the opportunity for Star Trek came.

“And so I know some people might think that I left Walking Dead to do Star Trek, but it did not happen that way.”

She added: “It was after Walking Dead was already ending that the opportunity for Star Trek came.”


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