The Big Bang Theory: Huge Howard Wolowitz plot hole uncovered in heartbreaking clue


THE BIG BANG THEORY ended earlier on this year as the show reached its tearjerking final episode back in May. However, with the show readily available on Netflix, fans are looking back at the early seasons, and one viewer has uncovered a huge plot hole to do with Howard Wolowitz’ childhood.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory may remember the season eight episode titled The Grasshopper Experiment that saw Raj Koothrappali (played by Kunal Nayyar) fall victim to his pushy parents once again and get set up on a date with Lalita Gupta (Sarayu Rao). However, it was one of Howard Wolowitz’ (Simon Helberg) heartbreaking comments about his childhood that opened up a huge plot hole.

As Raj and Lalita are introduced, things quickly turn sour as it turns out she used to bully him as a child.

Things go from bad to worse for Raj as they are thrown into an arranged marriage.

As the date nears, Raj’s insistence that he’s unable to talk to women unless he’s drunk reemerges.

Fans will remember the date went horribly wrong as Raj got hideously drunk so he could speak to her and ended up behaving obnoxiously.

Reddit user awomanstale pointed out a plot hole in Raj and Howard’s conversation about the arranged marriage.

The user said: “‘Great. Then we’ll get married, I won’t be able to talk to her and we’ll spend the rest of our lives in total silence.”

To which Howard responds: “It worked for my parents.”

Fans learn later on in the series that this could never have been true as Howard’s dad left when he was a child.

Therefore, it couldn’t have worked for his parents if they haven’t spend the rest of their lives together and are not still married.

While the plot hole may seem small, it seems to uncover that details of Howard’s parents weren’t quite mapped out just yet.

However, it seems showrunners were pretty certain on the fate of Raj and Lalita’s relationship.

Fans will remember that Lalita soon ditched Raj for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) after mistaking his unusual methods of conversation for flirting.

Raj’s date was surprisingly all over Sheldon after he said she looked like a princess from a children’s story he liked.

However, of course the romance was short lived.

Meanwhile, fans have spotted another plot hole in a scene between Sheldon and comic book store owner Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman).

Fans of the series spotted a blunder in the season 10 episode titled The Holiday Summation.

The episode saw Sheldon make the bold statement that “to this day [he’s] never touched Stuart”.

While, Sheldon’s unusually good memory normally proves reliable, in this case to seems something slipped his mind.

Just four episodes earlier, Sheldon was clearly seen touching his arm after a heavy night on the cocktails.

The scene sees Sheldon lean over and grabs his shoulder, saying: “Do you what else I love about you?”


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