The Apprentice 2019: Fans in turmoil as they spot Karren Brady ‘almost vomiting’


THE APPRENTICE 2019 is well underway as 10 candidates now remain in the competition. However, in yesterday’s episode, fans weren’t so worried about the candidates, but were in fact more focused on Lord Sugar’s aide, Karren Brady as she looked especially uncomfortable during the task.

The Apprentice 2019 is in week six and yesterday’s episode saw the unsuspecting candidates wrack their creative minds in a bid to design a fresh and novel rollercoaster at Thorpe Park. But poor Karren Brady, 50, didn’t look like she was particularly enjoying the rollercoaster theme.

The major task saw both teams, Unison and Empower, go head-to-head to impress critics with an innovative design for a theme park ride, which they would then showcase to a select audience.

With their designs finalised, the teams took it in turns to present their simulation to an audience of rollercoaster fanatics, professionals, and aides Karren and Claude Littner in Thorpe Park’s 3D cinema.

But it didn’t look like Karren was such a fan of the experience on the BBC show.

First up was Unison’s rollercoaster that boasted an impressive 15 loops, just beating the real-life ride that currently holds the title for the most vertical loops.

Conveniently titled ”The Final Loop”, the ride was intended to feel like travelling around the Earth to “bring back gravity”.

The simulation began and the audience were thrown around in their seats when the effects of the 3D cinema took over as they watched the thrilling simulation.

Placing her 3D glasses on, Karren also went for a spin but it didn’t look like she could hack it.

Taking to Twitter to express their concerns, viewers shared their thoughts on Karren’s reaction to the simulation.

“Karren looked like she was about to vomit!” One fan exclaimed.

Another said: “Karren is about to vom.”

A third added: “Karren looked like she was about to vomit!”

“Karren and Claude have me fully dying on this rollercoaster…” A fourth joked.

To many, it appeared Karren wouldn’t be riding that rollercoaster anytime soon and it looks like she wasn’t the only one.

Critics said that the ride made them feel “sick”, leaving the candidates to try and justify their decisions for adding perhaps, one too many loops to their ride.

But back in the boardroom, Unison found their rollercoaster wasn’t up to much as their team lost out to Empower’s ‘Insomnia’, which was inspired by dreams and nightmares.

All three rollercoaster executives voted for ‘Insomnia’ after they captivated them with their “brilliant” presentation.

Unfortunately, someone had to take the wrap and this time Unison’s loss fell on Aisha’s shoulders, as she was the fifth candidate to leave the process.

But while the losing team got some stick in the boardroom, Empower got to enjoy another thrilling experience at Greenwich’s London in the Sky restaurant, where diners are suspended 100ft high in open air.

After this challenging task, it has left fans wondering what’s in store for the candidates next week?

It’s safe to say Lord Sugar’s aides will be hoping for something a little less stomach churning.


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