Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Real winner exposed as former star teases ‘surprise’ result?


STRICTLY COME DANCING 2019 is quickly gearing towards the final stages of the competition and it seems Chris Ramsey could be the surprise favourite to win the series as one former star has put their support behind the comedian.

Chris Ramsey, 33, has so far managed to defy the odds by continuing to excel on this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing alongside professional dance partner Karen Hauer, 37. After the pair got their best score last weekend, could they go all the way to win the BBC dance show after former contestant Charles Venn, 46, has teased a “surprise” final result.

The Casualty star performed with Karen last year and the couple managed to make it all the way to the quarter final of the series.

Just like Chris, the soap actor went from strength-to-strength with the judges commending his ability to keep up with the pace.

Despite Kelvin Fletcher, 35, being the hot favourite to lift the Glitterball Trophy, it seems Charles believes his former dance partner could go all the way this year.

In an exclusive interview with, the former EastEnders heartthrob suggested the comedian will reach the final.

Asked who will take the crown from reigning champions Stacey Dooley, 32, and Kevin Clifton, 37, the soap star said: “You can look at obvious choices, but I would say personally, Chris Ramsey.

“I feel Chris Ramsey is going to surprise people. I think he already has but I think he’s going to surprise them more.

“It’s the tortoise and hare factor – he’s definitely the tortoise; he’s gathering momentum now. This isn’t a sprint; this is a marathon.

“Sometimes, some people might jump out the block really fast, but all of a sudden, they peak too early and they don’t have nowhere else to go.”

Charles continued of Chris’ journey in the early stages of the competition: “Ramsey has done it the other way around.

“Started off very slow and he is just gaining momentum right now and each time he performs and shows those improvements, the audience will be with him.

“And every audience loves a story, they love a journey and they love to see a winner and Chris is a winner,” the Casualty heart throb affirmed.

Having climbed up the leaderboard and scored 34 out of 40 for their Street Commercial routine, will the comedian making it all the way to the final?

However, Chris may have some hindrance as he spoke with Metro last month about an unfortunate incident which occurred when he tried to better his dancing ability.

Speaking of trying to lift his wife on their wedding day, the comedian said: “We did it at a wedding just before I got announced, and I dropped her on her back.

“Flat on her back, in the middle of a wedding.

“She tried to do a backdrop, and we do one in the first number, but she literally banged her head off the floor.”

Giving his thoughts on this year’s all star cast, Charles said: “It’s interesting to just see the ability, the levels of talent that’s on the show right now.

“Some of them look really good and when I think back to when we, me and my class of 2018, yeah there were a couple.

“But this particular year, I got to say there’s some really decent dancers in there.

“I was quite surprised by that. I find it more interesting obviously when you see the contestant who are not as talented or naturally gifted and seeing them progress on.”

Chris is a winner


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