Sorry, Jeremy! Corbyn left humiliated as Ireland SHUTS DOWN his General Election promise


JEREMY CORBYN’S general election promise to agree a new deal with the EU has been quickly shut down by an Irish minister.

The Labour Party leader vowed to “get Brexit sorted” in six months by putting his own deal to the public in a referendum. His promise came after the UK’s exit from the bloc was delayed again to January 31, with a general election called for December 12. But Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe warned the Brexit deal agreed between the UK and EU will not be reopened.

He said: “The European Union has made clear now that the withdrawal agreement as defined by the recent agreement between the European Council and prime minister Johnson, that is not something that’s going to be reopened.

“We say that after many, many years now of effort to get to this point.

“But I think it is important to emphasise now that this withdrawal agreement and the changes that have been made in relation to Northern Ireland is after an absolutely exhaustive process to get to this point, and years of negotiation.”

Mr Donohoe added a “demanding” phase of negotiations are still due to take place.

He said: “The decision by the Taoiseach not to seek a dissolution of this Dáil is driven by the fact that, early in the new year, critical decisions remain to be made regarding the ratification of the withdrawal agreement.

“Once that is done, even more demanding work lies ahead regarding the future trading relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

“These discussions will also be very, very demanding because of their complexity and we are very clear as we get ready for their instigation next year about what the priorities of Ireland will be.”

Speaking at rally in Battersea on Thursday, Mr Corbyn promised a swift end to Brexit.

He said: “Labour will get Brexit sorted within six months.

“We’ll let the people decide whether to leave with a sensible deal or remain.

“That really isn’t complicated.

“If you vote for us and we get our programme through – which we will because it’s oven ready, it’s there to go – then we can be out at the absolute latest by January next year.”

This is despite Boris Johnson saying Brexit will be done by January should the Tories win the election.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump expressed his disdain for Mr Corbyn after the rally.

He said Mr Corbyn would be “so bad for your country” while speaking to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on LBC Radio last night.

But Labour’s shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner dismissed President Trump’s criticism of Mr Corbyn.

Mr Gardiner told the BBC: “Of course he sides with the super-rich, Labour doesn’t.

“So, it’s no surprise to me that he thinks it would be bad news for people like him.”


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