SNP MEP humiliated by poll proving Scottish voters don’t want independence from UK


SNP MEP Alyn Smith, who is also the party’s candidate for Stirling, was quizzed by Sky News presenter Stephen Dixon on a poll showing no majority for Scottish independence since June 2016.

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon recently vowed to deliver Section 30, which grants the opportunity to allow for a second Scottish independence referendum, to Downing Street before Christmas. However, while discussing a second referendum on Scotland’s independence and the upcoming general election, Sky News presenter Stephen Dixon presented a poll showing no majority for Indyref2 since June 2016. The host said: “I was looking today at the ‘What Scotland Thinks’ website and they’ve got a poll of polls on independence.

“It shows that not since June 2016, looking at the poll of polls, has there been a majority in favour of independence.”

SNP candidate for Stirling, Alyn Smith, replied: “In which case everybody can be relaxed about it.

“We are the SNP, we are in favour of independence in Europe, we want to see Scotland’s right to choose be respected, we want to see our EU referendum result be respected as well.

“We’ve put forward compromised proposals, we’ve worked with other parties, but we’re dealing with a UK administration that’s so whole fully divided against itself.”

On why Indyref2 is a “determining” factor for the SNP in their general election campaign, the SNP MEP for Scotland said: “From a Scottish perspective, and I’m the SNP candidate for Stirling, so I’ve been spending a lot of time out and about talking to communities across the length and breadth of central Scotland.

“Brexit is coming up yes absolutely, but also independence because in 2014 we were told we’re a family of nations, we’re a partnership of equals.

“Literally just two years later we’re told despite our unanimous across every counting region vote to remain in the EU, ‘your vote doesn’t matter, shut up get to the back of the bus, let the Conservative Party, Brexit Party and Ukip and all the rest of them have an argument amongst the rest of themselves.’

“While Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and indeed chunks of England as well are just grunts to watch on.

“Scotland has a different choice in this, independence is very much part of the discussion here, because what happened in 2014 is really fundamental.

“It moved a lot of people to could we become independent to should we become independent.

“So that energy continues and independence is a way out of this, independence within the European Union.”

The comments follow Ms Sturgeon saying her party offers “an escape” from Brexit.

Speaking ahead of the SNP’s general election campaign launch, Ms Sturgeon said: “A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit and to give people in Scotland the chance to choose a better future as an independent country.

“So we never have to worry about our NHS being sold off by a Westminster Government.

“And while the Scottish parliament has control of health policy, we cannot currently stop Westminster signing away that protection in a trade deal, or entering agreements that dramatically push up drug prices or risk our public services, including the NHS.

“Boris Johnson has been very clear about his desire for a post-Brexit trade deal with Donald Trump – and no one should underestimate the threat which that poses.”


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