Snow warning: Europe faces deep Siberian freeze this week before freak blizzard strikes UK


EUROPE is bracing itself for a dramatic 15C temperature in the coming week, as a Siberian winter storm sweeps across the region – before hitting the UK.

The UK could be submerged in the snow as soon as next week, according to the latest forecast. This comes as a winter chill strikes Europe, with countries experiencing a shock 15C drop in the usual temperatures experienced for this time of year. The Siberian winds could even unleash blizzard conditions when it hits the UK, according to WXCharts November forecast.

Europe is already facing the brunt of freak weather storms.

This morning Al Jazeera Weather tweeted that an “European storm was expected to produce heavy snow across the Alps” later today.

More than 140,000 homes have also been left without power in southern France due to a massive storm.

The so-called ‘Storm Amelie’ is battering the French coast after making landfall on its southern coast overnight.

French authorities have issued dangerous weather alerts due to the strong winds reaching up to 120kph (75mph) and flood risks.

Seventeen regional authorities have issued “orange” threat level.

BBC meteorologist Phil Avery said: “There will be very unsettled weather prospects across Europe this coming week.

“There are strong systems sweeping across northern parts of Europe. This one vigorous system has brought strong winds into the heart of France.

“On Monday, a disturbed weather system will strike the Costas, Iberia, and into the heart of France.

“There will be another very active system across northern parts of Germany, and to the north of it the skies are clear but my word, it’s cold and it’s turning colder.

“Some of the temperatures across Finland and the rest of Scandinavia are 10 to 15 degrees colder than we would expect this time of year.

“Europe in general will lose three to four degrees on average this week as we head deeper into winter.”

This comes after another WXChart forecast predicted that UK was bracing for snow across parts of the country in just under a week.

According to the snow depth forecast, the northern hills of Scotland are expected to see snow by next Thursday.

This could coincide with strong winds to create unusual blizzard conditions across the country later in November.

The Met Office has also warned that temperatures will plummet to near-freezing figures this week. 

Earlier this week, the UK was drenched by a storm from the remnants of Hurricane Pablo.


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