‘Slap in face of your voters’ Adam Boulton stuns Lib Dems’ Sam Gyimah with key question


FORMER TORY, turned Liberal Democrat, Sam Gyimah was accused of delivering a “slap in the face” to voters by his new party agreeing to a Remain alliance.

Liberal Democrat Candidate Sam Gyimah spoke to Sky News’ Adam Boulton about the new Remain alliance. An electoral pact has been formed between the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru. The pro-Remain parties have agreed not to stand against each other in 60 constituencies in England and Wales.

The Liberal Democrats will not be opposed by an alliance candidate in 43 seats.

The same policy will apply in 10 seats contested by the Green Party.

Plaid Cymru will have seven seats in which they face no opposition from a member of the alliance.

Co-Leader of the Green Party, Jonathan Bartley, will not have any Liberal Democrats standing against him in his seat.

Mr Boulton accused Mr Gyimah’s new party of delivering a “slap in the face” to their voters by not running.

The former Conservative MP defended the decision: “Well, I think it’s a good idea to have a progressive alliance.

“This election is an unusual election.

“It is a referendum in all but name.”

He continued: “Working together to make sure that we stop Brexit, which has already damaged our country a great deal.

“And it will damage us even more that the Prime Minister’s misleading us about it.

“I think it’s a good thing for us to work together.”

Mr Bartley also defended the alliance: “Obviously we haven’t gone into this without good background information. The polling we’ve done shows the overall effect is much bigger than the sum of adding up previous votes so there’s a bonus to working together.

“People seem to really like it, they are so sick and tired of the fighting and what’s gone on in the House of Commons over the last year.

“They want to see parties working constructively together.

“Now we have clear differences as parties, but what we want to do is work in the country’s interest, in the national interest and in the interest, indeed, of tackling climate change.

“We believe that if we stay in the European Union, we can work with out neighbours to bring about the change that we need.”


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