Prince William keeps heartbreaking promise to Grenfell victims in emotional visit


PRINCE WILLIAM, the Duke of Cambridge, has kept an emotional promise he made to the victims of the Grenfell disaster in 2017.

Prince William and Kate attended the launch of the National Emergencies Trust in London on Thursday. The new independent charity will provide an emergency response to disasters in the UK. The Duke of Cambridge kept a promise he made to the victims of the disaster in 2017, when he assured he would return again.

Footage shows the Queen and Prince William visiting the site just days after the devastating blaze ripped through Grenfell Tower in 2017, killing 72 people.

In the video, one of the survivors shouted as the Queen and Prince William began getting inside their car: “What about the children?

“Come here, come here please.

“William, Harry, come on here, please.

“What about the children?”

Before Prince William gets inside the car, he points towards the man and says: “I’ve got to go I’m sorry.

“I’ll be back. I’ll come back.”

During the engagement on Thursday, William and Kate met Grenfell Tower and terror attack victims and emergency service staff.

In a speech to mark the opening of the charity, Prince William said: “Whenever and wherever disaster strikes here in the UK, this country has a unique way of pulling together.

“From the people who donate their blood, to the children who empty their piggy banks, to the families that set aside a bedroom in their home. The way that local communities support those affected shows the very best of our values and human nature.

“But in the wake of tragedy, managing and channelling the public’s desire to help can prove tricky. I saw this for myself on the ground in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. I therefore fully support what you are doing here today.

“I’m impressed about how willing the charity sector has been to learn the lessons from previous responses, and to ensure that the quickest and most appropriate support is offered to those affected.

“I commend the Charity Commission for initiating this work, and all the charities in the voluntary and community sector for coming together so successfully. Your cooperation is admirable.

“The result is an organisation that you helped to design, that draws on all your strengths, and is warmly welcomed.”

It comes as the Cambridges will join the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Remembrance Day events at the weekend.

The brothers and their wives will attend the Festival of Remembrance Service at Royal Albert Hall on Saturday.

The four royals will also attend the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph


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