Outrage as Corbyn accused of failing to bow in respect to war dead at Remembrance ceremony


JEREMY CORBYN’S appearance at the annual Remembrance Sunday service in Whitehall has caused a Twitter row to erupt as people clashed over whether the Labour leader bowed his head low enough to honour the war dead at the cenotaph.

Dressed smartly in a suit and black coat and sporting a poppy pin, the socialist marched towards the monument when it was his turn and respectfully laid a wreath before stepping back and pausing. But while his choice of outfit was praised by members of the public, who said it was an improvement from the “scruffy” anorak he donned at last year’s service, his bow split opinion. Footage broadcast live on TV shows Mr Corbyn slightly tilting his head downwards for a few seconds before turning and walking away. 

His actions were in stark contrast to those of Boris Johnson and other politicians, all who clearly bowed in a dignified manner. 

One Twitter user said it looked like Mr Corbyn “could hardly bring himself to bow” while another accused him of “twitching” his head.

Another said: “All the politicians bow their heads with respect while laying the wreaths. 

“Corbyn…stares blankly. Such disrespect.” 

Another angry viewer said: “Is it me or did Jeremy Corbyn not bow his head to this country’s glorious dead on laying his wreath?”

Another person tweeted: “Can’t bring himself to bow at the cenotaph so he sort of twitches his head.

“Pretty much every one of our politicians would be prepared to physically defend this country if necessary but the idea that he would or could is risible.” 

But others jumped to his defence and pointed to Mr Johnson’s less than perfect outfit. 

“Boris Johnson – coat and jacket both undone and blue suit (rather than black or grey). Imagine the outrage if Jeremy Corbyn had done similar,” one person wrote. 

Another accused the prime minister of looking “sloppy” with his coat “wafting open” as he walked to the cenotaph. 

Some praised Mr Corbyn for his new “smartened up” look, with one person commenting: “Corbyn looks as if he’s gone to the PM makeover spa. 

“Good coat, good hair cut, nice solemnity.” 

The Queen watched from the balcony as the Prince of Wales laid a wreath on her behalf. 

The 93-year-old monarch was seen wiping a tear from her eye as she was flanked by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Two minutes’s silence were observed by all those in attendance before an army band played the Last Post. 

Prince Charles was the first to play the circle of poppies on the top step against the cenotaph, saluting the war dead after putting down the wreath.

A wreath was then laid by a member of the armed forces on behalf of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who was not in attendance. 

The Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of York followed closely behind as did the Princess Royal, the Earl of Wessex and the Duke of Kent, all whom performed a salute.

Religious leaders, political party leaders and Cabinet members were among those who each laid a floral tribute at the cenotaph. 

The Duchess of Sussex stood on a separate balcony to the Queen. 

It was the third year in a row for Charles to lay a wreath on his mother’s behalf and the second Remembrance Sunday service for Meghan, 38. 

The mother-of-one looked chic in a smart up style and a black broad brimmed hat. 

Five former leaders of the country – Tony Blair, Theresa May, David Cameron, Sir John Major and Gordon Brown – also took part in the ceremony.  

A gun fired by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, positioned on Horse Guards Parade, marked the beginning and end of the two minutes’s silence. 

This year marks 100 years since the first two-minute silence was observed on Armistice Day on November 11 1919. 


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