Mysterious incident on BA plane sees passengers detained at airport – what happened?


PASSENGERS on board a British Airways flight travelling from Budapest to Heathrow reported being detained last night after an incident broke out on board. Travellers took to Twitter to complain about a lack of information, meanwhile, London Ambulance Services were called to the scene. What happened?

Passengers travelling on a British Airways flight from Budapest to London Heathrow reported being “locked in a room” at the airport with little information as to why. The BA876 flight landed at 7:00 pm as London Ambulance Service rushed to the scene. A hazardous area response team arrived on the scene, while passengers took to social media to try and find out what was happening. Meanwhile, a statement from Metropolitan Police confirmed they were also in attendance, along with the city’s Fire Brigade.

Reports circulating also reference a “smell” on board the plane.

Geralldine Fusciardi was one of the passengers on board who took to Twitter. She said: “Currently locked in room at Heathrow airport with half the passengers from a @britishairways plane from Heathrow. We have been isolated after an emergency landing. No information.”

The passenger suggested the British airline was offering minimal information regarding the incident, saying “wish @britishairways would tell us what is going on.”

However, British Airways strongly refuted this claim, stating the passengers were simply held at the gate on arrival so ambulance crews could offer assistance and check over any passenger that may require medical advice.

The airline further advises that everyone on board left unharmed.

A spokesperson told the airline requested a “priority landing” as a precaution against a “minor technical issue” on board. A priority landing allows planes to skip the landing queue in order to ensure a safe landing.

The emergency services automatically respond to requests of his type, regardless of the situation.

A comment from British Airways said: “Our aircraft requested a priority landing as a precaution after experiencing a minor technical issue.

“Our teams looked after our customers and helped get them on their way as soon as possible. We are sorry to our customers for the delay to their travel plans.”

However, Geralldine said: “5 minutes after they told us it was a major incident and physically prevented people from leaving the room – including some distressed women who needed the toilet – they released us all with some vague comments about engineering issue on plane.

“We were locked in the room for about 40 minutes. One woman collapsed in distress just as they were letting us out.”

According to The Evening Standard, a London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called at 6:55 pm today to reports of an incident at Heathrow Airport, Hounslow.

“We dispatched an ambulance crew, two incident response officers and our hazardous area response team (HART) to the scene.

“We assessed five people at the scene but did not take anyone to hospital.”

The Metropolitan Police also confirmed their attendance, saying: “Police at Heathrow Airport were called to an inbound flight from Budapest following reports of an issue on the plane.

“Officers, London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade attended. There were no reported injuries.

“None of those on board required medical attention from LAS. There are no reported offences or matters for police attention.

“The fault or smell reported on the aircraft is believed to be related to a mechanical issue.”

Meanwhile, Heathrow Airport has assured the incident was not handled directly by their staff, though have extended their support to all involved in the incident.

A spokesperson told “We regret that this incident happened at the airport and will be raising it with British Airways and the London Ambulance Service. We fully support the need to keep passengers and the public to safe and healthy, but we also expect passengers to be treated with dignity and respect.”


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