Meghan Markle fury: ‘Weird’ Piers Morgan attacked after mocking Duchess yet again


MEGHAN MARKLE has been taunted by Piers Morgan after he beat her in a list of the most influential Londoners, but the Duchess’ legion of online fans have rallied around her.

One supporter of the Duchess @CH_2014 tweeted: “Piers Morgan’s never gotten over the fact that Meghan Markle stopped returning his texts. He’s now obsessed with her. It used to be weirdly amusing, now it’s just weird.”

Another, @CaspersFunhouse, added: “He needs to get over himself.

“She had one drink with him.

“He must be poor company if she never called him back again.

Then, @ulgyfruit responded with, “Modest and Egoistic as usual.”

Mr Morgan couldn’t resist the opportunity to gloat after he came in one place ahead of the Duchess of Sussex in The London Power 100.

The 54-year-old, who is one of the Sussexes’ biggest critics, said on Good Morning Britain on Monday: “What’s good is that I’m in at 21… and oh Meghan Markle is in at 22 – that’s awkward isn’t it?”

He then added: “Obviously none of my work colleagues made the list, unfortunately.”

The Good Morning Britain presenter has waged war on Meghan after the former Suits star befriended him on Twitter and arranged for her co-star Rick Hoffman to go on Good Morning Britain in 2016.

Mr Morgan claims the Duchess of Sussex pursued a friendship with him for almost a year.

He then claims that eventually she asked if she could appear on the breakfast show when they finally met face to face and had drinks in London.

But she met Prince Harry soon after and he never heard from her again.

Mr Morgan alleges he was “ghosted” and revealed in a column for MailOnline last year: “I’d been ‘played’ by a couple of B-list actors, who were clearly just using me to advance their careers.

“But when someone more important and influential came along, in the shape of Prince Harry, I was instantly dumped like a sack of spuds.”

Mr Morgan has been very outspoken about his feelings towards Meghan ever since, previously accusing her of “hypocrisy” after she posted an inspiring quote by the Dalai Lama on Instagram.

The television host also labelled Meghan a “rank hypocrite” after “defiant” Prince Harry defended their private jet use.

The Duke of Sussex insisted that he flies commercial “99 per cent of the time”.

The Duke of Sussex also said that he only boards private planes with Meghan and their baby Archie Harrison to keep his family “safe”.

Meanwhile, Meghan, 38, gave an emotional interview as part ITV documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, where she said royal life has been a “struggle”, especially with being a new mum.

Amid this Meghan Markle fans have been left disappointed as the Palace has quashed rumours she’s bringing back her personal blog The Tig.

And Kate Middleton and Prince William have been praised for their “classy” Instagram post to Prince Harry after the Sussexes were criticised for their birthday messages.

Also, it has been claimed the Queen’s guests are supposedly not permitted to talk about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry if they want their meeting to go well.


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