Lindsay Hoyle on Brexit: Is Sir Lindsay Hoyle leave or remain? How did he vote on Brexit?


SIR LINDSAY HOYLE was elected to be the new Speaker of the House, but is Sir Lindsay leave or remain? How did he vote on Brexit?

In a dramatic but traditional scene on Monday, Sir Lindsay Hoyle was dragged into the Speaker’s chair to take on his new role. Earlier, former Speaker of the House John Bercow was dragged out of his seat as he stepped down from the job.

Sir Lindsay was voted into office following the resignation of Mr Bercow.

The dragging is a tradition which originates in the Speaker’s function to communicate the Commons’ opinions to the monarch.

Historically, if the monarch didn’t agree with the message being communicated then the early death of the Speaker could follow.

So as you may imagine, previous Speakers required some persuasion to accept the role.

Is Sir Lindsay Hoyle leave or remain?

Sir Lindsay has never revealed his views on Brexit, and this is likely to be the stance for the foreseeable future.

The Speaker of the House does not vote on any motion in the House, neither do the deputy speakers.

This means as a previous deputy speaker, Sir Lindsay has not had to vote on Brexit.

Hoyle has now resigned from the Labour Party – a move all Speakers must do – to maintain impartiality when presiding over Parliament.

On his election on November 4, 2019, he told The House: “We’ve got to make sure that tarnish is polished away, that the respect and tolerance that we expect from everyone who works in here will be shown and we’ll keep that in order.”

Hoyle will continue in his role as MP for Chorley in Lancashire, a seat he has held since 1997.

More than half of MPs voted for Hoyle in the fourth round of voting on Tuesday, and he pledged to end the “bear pit” atmosphere of confrontation in the chamber.

Hoyle said: “What I want to do is make sure that we have respect in the House, we have tolerance in the House and everybody is valued in the House.

“This is a village that we have got to be proud of.

“This is a village that has got to stand up for itself.

“I want to bring in a better respect, better tolerance, and try and change that bear pit anger that seems to have come out in recent years, that seems to have got worse and worse.

“The public just cannot believe the behaviour. It is about setting the right tone.

“If Parliament gets it right, hopefully, the country will follow.”

Mr Bercow was heavily criticised by some Tory MPs during his time in the Speaker’s chair.

This was over several controversial rulings which were seen to favour the pro-Remain side in the Brexit debate.

Sir Lindsay said he wants to ensure that backbenchers are still able to hold ministers to account while enabling parliamentary business to be conducted in “the best possible way”.

Is Sir Lindsay Hoyle leave or remain?


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