Jenny Ryan net worth: The staggering amount she rakes in from The Chase


JENNY RYAN appears on The Chase, on ITV. She is a very clever quizzer and has managed to make a huge sum of money from her passion,

Jenny Ryan net worth

What age is Jenny Ryan?

What does Jenny Ryan do for a living?

Jenny Ryan is known for appearing on The Chase. How much money has she made from the TV show, this is her huge net worth.

Jenny Ryan net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jenny Ryan is worth £3.1.

But who is the best Chaser on The Chase?

Statistics from One Question Shoot found that Anne The Governess was the top chaser.

She has won 78 per cent of the shows she has worked on.

Second is Paul aka The Sinnerman, who’s 0.1 per cent behind her. The Vixen was not even in the top three.

What age is Jenny Ryan?

Jenny is age 37. She was born in Bolton.

What does Jenny Ryan do for a living?

Jenny is a professional quizzer, and has appeared on numerous TV quizzes before The Chase.

These include Fifteen to One and The Weakest Link.

She also appeared in Only Connect and on University Challenge, reaching the semi-finals in 2003 with the University of Leeds.

She has been involved with The Chase in 2009, asking questions for the show.

She joined the cast in 2015, where she is referred to as The Vixen.

She has also been called “The Bolton Brainiac”.

Her other TV appearances include the 14th series of Celebrity MasterChef and The X Factor: Celebrity, which she is on currently.

Jenny Ryan was accused of laughing at her X Factor rivals. 

She was called “rude” on Twitter for laughing after watching Try Star.

The person in question wrote: “Wow @jenlion looked very rude laughing during Try Stars performance! At least look interested. #rude #XFactorCelebrity.”

Jenny was quick to explain the misunderstanding.

She insisted the contestants were unable to hear the group perform from the green room.

Jenny Ryan net worth

What age is Jenny Ryan?

What does Jenny Ryan do for a living?


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