Jamie Carragher launches rant on VAR following Everton vs Tottenham controversy


Jamie Carragher had previously defended VAR whenever the technology had come under criticism.

Jamie Carragher has admitted that he is finding it difficult to defend VAR in football after another weekend of controversy in the Premier League.

During Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday, VAR got involved after Dele Alli hand-balled in the Toffees penalty area.

But it was ruled to be an accidental hand-ball, something which confused viewers who had seen VAR give decisions based on incidents similar to the one that involved Alli.

And at Villa Park on Saturday, Liverpool star Roberto Firmino had a goal ruled out after his armpit was adjudged to have been offside by VAR, creating a big stir among pundits and ex-professionals.

Ex-Liverpool defender Carragher, who has previously done his best in defending the technology, believes it is becoming harder to be ‘pro-VAR’ because of the controversy it is creating every week.

“I am probably seen as someone who is pro-VAR in terms of how I have spoken about this at the start of the season and in terms of how I have reacted to things on social media,” he told Sky Sports.

“I was never pro-VAR. What it was is that I felt it should have been given a chance and in some ways, I felt I was fighting for VAR because so many people were negative about it from the start.

“VAR has been brought in to help our game. And when I say our game, it’s not just the players, it is the supporters, the pundits, the owners.

“We have the best game in the world so how can we make it better? How can it move with the times? That’s why I was supporting it. Never stand still. Other sports are doing it.

“I am now looking at it and thinking that I can’t argue for it any more.”

Carragher continued explaining that he was becoming ‘tired’ of listening to naysayers complain about VAR, which was introduced to the Premier League at the start of the season.

“I am actually tired of listening to people complaining about it and I have got nothing to come back at them with because the whole point of VAR was to help referees,” the Sky Sports man added.

“We spend so often in this job talking about decisions by referees.

“We are now spending probably double or triple that time talking about decisions so it hasn’t done what it was brought in to do.”


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