’It certainly won’t be Corbyn!’ Dagenham Pensioner slams Labour leader ahead of election


JEREMY CORBYN’s Brexit dithering has left Labour facing an uphill battle in their desperate attempt to hold on to the marginal constituency of Dagenham.

The Tories hope to steal the Brexit-backing Dagenham and Rainham seat from Labour on December 12, with one furious pensioner dealing a heavy blew to Mr Corbyn ahead of the general election. Janet Druce, 74, condemned the left-wing leader for blocking Brexit and insisted he has not “got it in him” to become the next Prime Minister when Britons head to the polls. When asked who she would be voting for in the general election, the 74-year-old from Dagenham told Express.co.uk: “Well it certainly won’t be Jeremy Corbyn.”

She added: “Because I just don’t think he has got it in him, I don’t think he is a very pleasant man.”

When pressed on who she would end up voting for at the ballot box, the hard-hitting pensioner took yet another swipe at Mr Corbyn.

Ms Druce said: “It certainly won’t be Corbyn, I can’t find anybody who likes the man to be quite honest, sorry.”

The 74-year-old said she would only be voting for a party that would deliver Britain’s exit from the European Union and take care of pensioners.

In the 2016 EU referendum the Barking and Dagenham constituency voted a huge 62.4 percent in favour of leaving the EU.

The Labour Party currently hold a slim majority of 4,652 in the Dagenham and Rainham seat following the 2017 snap election.

Ms Druce condemned the behaviour of MPs in the House of Commons, especially Mr Corbyn for failing to put forward an alternative solution to Brexit.

The 74-year-old Brexiteer called on political parties to “come together” to break the Brexit impasse.

When asked what issues would swing her vote in the election, the 74-year-old said: “I would like the Brexit business cleared up, I would like the pensioners to be well looked after, and that is about it really.”

She added: “I feel very sorry for Theresa May, I feel very sorry for her, because they were criticising everything that she was doing.

“But then again Jeremy Corbyn and his party did not come up with anything that would help anybody.

“I think something like Brexit they should all come together, don’t fight each other, its quite an important issue.”

The Dagenham pensioner also slammed EU countries for putting fear into the British public and said she is “sick and tired” of being ruled by unelected Brussels chiefs.

Ms Druce acknowledged there would be some bumps in the road at the beginning once the UK finally leaves the block, but Britain would prosper once more, insisting “we have managed well without them in the past”.

The 74-year-old added: “I would like to see the other countries, not mentioning any names, stop trying to bully us, that is one of the reasons why I voted to come out.

“I am sick and tired of them saying you can do this but you can’t do that we have managed well without them in the past.

“It will be a struggle at first but I think we will be okay once it is all sorted out.”

Mr Corbyn’s bid to become Prime Minister has already been rocked on week one of campaigning after two former Labour MPs urged voters to back Boris Johnson.

Ian Austin said the Labour leader was “not fit to lead” whilst John Woodcock labelling Mr Corbyn a “disgrace to his party”.

Mr Austin, who is not contesting the Dudley North seat he has held since 2005, said: “I must do everything I can to stop Jeremy Corbyn from getting into power.”

Mr Woodcock, who announced this week that he would not stand for re-election in Barrow and Furness, said: “The choice to keep Jeremy Corbyn away from Downing Street, to stop him getting his hands on the levers of national security and defence has to be to vote Conservative in this election and that’s what I’ll be doing as well.”


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