IDS dismisses Farage’s ‘protest party’ and insists Tories don’t need any help on Brexit


ARCH-BREXITEER Iain Duncan Smith has slapped down the suggestion a pact with the Brexit Party could boost the Tories’ chances of winning a parliamentary majority as the December 12 general election.

Nigel Farage had hinted he would not stand candidates against Conservatives if Boris Johnson agreed to drop his Brexit deal and push ahead with a no-deal exit. But the prime minster refused to bow to the demands of the Brexit Party leader, insisting he did not need the help of any other group to get the job done. Mr Duncan Smith said the Tories do not feel threatened by the 600 candidates Mr Farage is fielding because the Brexit Party’s cause is built on a desire to “protest” not a desire to govern the country. 

The veteran Tory told “There’s only one party that can deliver Brexit and it’s the Conservative Party. 

“The Brexit Party cannot deliver Brexit. 

“They are not a Government party but a protest party. 

“The Conservatives cannot go making pacts with other parties. 

“Brexit is not the only cause we have, we have a whole range of polices and things that we have to get right.” 

He rejected the notion that Mr Johnson and Mr Farage could somehow be an “unstoppable force” in British politics if they came together, an idea touted by US President Donald Trump. 

In an interview with Mr Farage on his LBC show, Mr Trump said the prime minister has a “lot of respect” for the Brexit Party leader. 

Mr Farage praised Mr Johnson for bringing “energy” to the Brexit cause and offered to support him in his efforts to deliver on the results of the 2016 referendum. 

But Mr Duncan Smith rubbished the American leader’s comments, saying: “Trump says quite a lot of things. 

“I have never heard Boris Johnson say he admires Farage and I know him pretty well. 

“We have never even discussed Farage.” 

The former Tory leader said Brexit would have been delivered by now if it were not for a great number of MPs who had put “party politics” before the will of British voters. 

In a speech in Workington on Wednesday Mr Farage urged the prime minister to do a u-turn on his rejection of the pact. 

He lambasted the revised Brexit deal, which Mr Johnson clinched at the last minute in the face of overwhelming opposition from the EU. 

Mr Farage compared the Tory leader to a dodgy car salesman and accused him of keeping voters in the dark about what his withdrawal agreement would mean for the country. 

Mr Farage said: “‘I’ve got this car for sale, it’s got a really shiny bonnet,’ is what Boris is saying. 

“‘Let’s get Brexit done, no for God’s sake don’t open up the engine! Don’t worry, it’s fine – honestly!’” 


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