‘I voted to leave!’ Furious life-long Labour voters turn their back on Corbyn over Brexit


LIFE-LONG Labour voters are turning their backs on Jeremy Corbyn this election, with one Brexiteer in Grimsby confirming she was “fed up” with the left-wing party that has been in control of her constituency since 1945.

A furious Leave voter from Grimsby has told Sky News that her safe Labour seat will switch to Tory at the upcoming election because of Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to deal with Brexit. Speaking to Sky News, several frustrated voters criticised the direction that Jeremy Corbyn had taken the Labour Party, particularly over Brexit. They vowed to vote Tory in a seat that has been Labour since 1945.

One Brexiteer told Sky News: “I’m fed up, I voted to leave. I have always been a Labourite but I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn.

“I don’t think Melanie Onn will get in. People are fed up of being promised this that and the other.

“She’s there to represent us and she hasn’t done that.”

Greater Grimsby is a key target for Boris Johnson, with the seat only held by a slim majority of 2,569.

The constituency voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Around 71 percent of the town backed Brexit, which has turned it into one of Labour’s 50 most marginal seats.

Another former Labour voter told Sky News that he had drifted away from the left-wing party over the years.

He said: “My family is Labour, and my first vote was Labour.

“But since then I’ve been Conservative. Boris is pretty switched on, I think.”

Greater Grimsby, which used to have one of the largest fishing fleets in the world, has seen its fishing community depleted by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy.

Martyn Bowers, who leads the Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises, said: “Our interests are outside the EU.

“Iceland, Norway and Faroe are outside the EU and there are trade deals that exist.”

The Conservative candidate Lia Nici told Sky News that Jeremy Corbyn united voters in Grimsby.

She explained: “People really don’t want Corbyn as the next Prime Minister.

“They know if they vote for anyone but the Tories, you’ll end up with Corbyn as Prime Minister.”


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