‘How can people trust you? Labour MP dismantled over Brexit policy by BBC host


LABOUR’s Brexit policy was dismantled by BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire as Lloyd Russell-Moyle faced questions over whether the electorate can trust Labour after originally saying they would implement the original Brexit result.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle failed to answer as Ms Derbyshire repeatedly asked him if voters can trust Labour. He argued that whatever the result of a second referendum, which they pledge to hold within 6 months, will be implemented “the next day”. Ms Derbyshire said: “You say you will conduct another referendum but how can people trust you will carry out that referendum when you didn’t deliver on the previous one?”

Speaking on the show, Mr Russell-Moyle said: “The previous one was in principle a decision which has been become clear now that even within Brexit, from the Brexit Party to the Conservative party, there are disagreements on what kind of Brexit is a decent Brexit.”

The host pushed: “But why should they believe that you will deliver on this referendum?”

The Labour MP responded: “This referendum is not a re-run of the last one.

“It is effectively within six months of Labour getting into power, we’ll have the best possible deal we can get.

“It might not be perfect but it will be the best one we can get versus Remain.”

He went on to explain the process of the votes.

Ms Derbyshire said: “You’re ignoring my question”.

But he insisted the result will be implement “the next day” by civil servants.

Ms Derbyshire added: “You and many of Labour colleagues saying we will respect the result of the referendum.

“I’m asking you why should anyone believe it this time?”

Mr Russell-Moyle said: “This time we are saying we will put it back to the people after opposing a no deal exit.”

His comments come as the latest YouGov poll shows a staggering lead for Boris Johnson’s party ahead of the official “get Brexit done” campaign kick-off.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party continues to fall behind as the promises of “real change” have yet to resonate with voters.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph to launch the Conservative Party’s campaign, Mr Johnson compared Mr Corbyn to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

He wrote those in the party “point their fingers” at the rich “with a relish and a vindictiveness not seen since Stalin persecuted the kulaks”.

He was referencing wealthier peasants during the Russian Revolution, many of whom were murdered or starved to death.


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