‘Housing crash, civil unrest’ Corbyn plan to hand youngsters council house attacked – poll


JEREMY CORBYN has insisted all young people should be entitled to a council house under a Labour Government, but Express.co.uk readers have ripped apart the general election plan, raging it would lead to a huge housing market crash and civil unrest sweeping across the country.

Jeremy Corbyn continued on the intensive campaign trail in Telford on Wednesday, and told supporters in Telford young people should not be forced to “forget about council housing”. The Labour Party warned youngsters should not have to “make their own way in the world”. Mr Corbyn told the crowd: “It is time we started building a country fit for the next generation where young people don’t fear the future but look forward with confidence.

“Think of the young people who are given the subliminal message to look after your own education and look after your own health, forget about council housing, make your own way in the world.

“It’s depressing, it’s unnecessary and it’s all part of the contraction of the public realm and the public state.

“It’s within our grasp to do something different in this election, and that’s what we are absolutely determined to achieve.”

But the ambitious plan from the Labour leader has been brutally torn apart by Express.co.uk readers in our latest poll.

You were asked: “Is Jeremy Corbyn right that all young people should be entitled to a council house?”

Readers unanimously voted against the idea in the poll, which ran from 2.30pm until 10pm on Thursday November 7 and saw a total of 8,671 votes cast.

A massive 91.7 percent (7,954 readers) voted “no” as part of an angry backlash against the possibility of youngsters being handed a council house.

Just 7.3 percent (631 readers) think they should be entitled to one, while one percent (86 readers) opted for the “don’t know” option.

Express.co.uk readers launched a furious attack against the idea, raging it would have catastrophic consequences for the UK economy and country as a whole.

One said: “Handing out free houses will cause a huge housing crisis and the civil unrest that comes with it.

“This in turn will allow John McDonnell – the real brains behind comrade Corbyn – to declare that capitalism is not working, and use this as an excuse to dismantle capitalism and force communism on us all.

“This will be done at the point of a gun.”

Other Express.co.uk readers vented their fury at the possibility of having to pay for this, and raged why youngsters today should be handed a free council house when they have worked all of their lives to desperately keep a roof over they head.

One said: “There was a time in my life when I badly needed the help of the local council (Coventry) – I put my name down for council housing as I did not have a roof over my head.

“I am still waiting to hear from them several decades later (my friends came to the rescue).

“In the meantime, I worked my socks off on times covering three jobs which has meant that I have paid for my own home.

“So for Corbyn to provide housing for all and sundry, I say, not at my expense.”

Another commented: “I’m a struggling self employed 40-year-old and I’ve never been able to afford a house, but where’s my free house?

“Why shouldn’t I get one because I wasn’t born at a certain date? That’s ageism.”

Others accused the Labour leader of “saying absolutely anything” just to gain vital votes from youngsters in the general election.

One reader said: “He is saying absolutely anything to get a youth vote.

“We already have several generations who want life to gift them everything whilst they have a ‘laugh’.”

Another said: “He is desperately trying to appeal to the younger and unfortunately naive voter who will fall for these empty promises.

“Anyone who is older and wiser will see this just doesn’t stack up.”


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