His Dark Materials: What are Gobblers? Is Ruth Wilson evil? Is she a Gobbler?


HIS DARK MATERIALS premiered last night on BBC One and fans are curious to know more about the characters and creatures in the show, particularly the Gobblers. So, what are Gobblers and is Ruth Wilson’s character Mrs Coulter one?

Episode two of His Dark Materials continues on Sunday, November 10 on BBC One and HBO. The first episode is available to stream and download on the BBC iPlayer. The series is a direct adaption of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Material novel series.

What are Gobblers?

Gobblers were first mentioned in book Northern Lights, which is part of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

The Gobblers is the name given to child abductors who are part of a secret church-funded project in the trilogy series.

Originally, the Gobblers were thought to be a childhood myth but the they are very much real and operating in Oxford.

Just like in the novel Northern Lights, Lyra’s (played by Danfe Keen) friend Roger (Lewin Lloyd) was kidnapped by a Gobbler and she later tracks down one of the leaders, Marissa Coulter (Ruth Wilson) who turns out to be her mother.

The Gobblers are also carrying out experiments on children in an attempt to sever the bond between human and daemon.

In His Dark Materials, the daemon is a physical manifestation of a human soul.

The experiment is called Intercision and usually results in the death of the human, but it is sometimes possible for the person to survive.

Is Ruth Wilson evil? Is she a Gobbler?

Ruth Wilson’s character Marissa Coulter is the leader of the evil child abductors The Gobblers.

In the novels, her daemon takes on the form a of a golden monkey with long fur.

Coulter is Lyra’s mother and her father, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), whom she had an affair with.

When viewers first meet Coulter, they may view her as completely evil.

However, fans of the original trilogy series will know by the third book, The Amber Spyglass, Coulter is torn between being part of the church and giving up her life for Lyra’s sake.

Through the series, Coulter continuously saves Lyra from having her daemon cut away.

Speaking to the BBC, Wilson said: “I play Mrs Coulter who is one of the show’s main antagonists.

“She’s obsessed with Lyra and you soon find out why. She’s not a very nice woman, but we delve in deep with her.

“I think it all comes from a place of trauma with her so, in my eyes, she’s misunderstood. Either way, she does some pretty horrific things.

Who is Ruth Wilson?

Ruth Wilson is an award-winning English actress from Ashford, Surrey.

She is a three-time Olivier Award nominee and two-time winner, winning Best Actress for the titular role in Anna Christie and Best Supporting Actress in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Wilson won a Golden Globe for her role as in Alison Bailey The Affair and has received a Golden Globe Best Actress nomination for her role as Jane in Jane Eyre.

Her other credits include Jewel Diamond in Suburban Shootout, Alice Morgan in Luther and Sara in The Prisoner.

Wilson has also starred in the films The Little Stranger, Dark River and Anna Karenina.

What are Gobblers?

Is Ruth Wilson evil? Is she a Gobbler?

Who is Ruth Wilson?


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