Farage split: Senior Brexit Party figures fear divisions in group could hand Corbyn win


NIGEL FARAGE’s Brexit Party is reportedly split over its election strategy as senior members fear that dividing the Leave vote could lead to a Jeremy Corbyn premiership.

The Brexit Party is now considering withdrawing hundreds of its general election candidates in order to boost Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s odds of winning a Leave majority. However, now splits have emerged within Mr Farage’s party over his election strategy that he said he is still “working through”.

Several major figures within the party are allegedly backing a “sensible” option which involves focusing on a small number of Leave-voting Labour seats.

If the party manages to win over Leave-voting Labour seats then the party stands a realistic chance of winning.

One senior Brexit Party MEP said the party could field as few as 20 candidates, while others have said the figure could hit 100.

Mr Farage previously suggested that his party would field 600 candidates.

But on Wednesday he said he was still “working through” his options.

Mr Johnson has refused offers from Mr Farage of an electoral pact.

Senior Brexit Party sources told The Daily Telegraph that some MPs in the party have been trying to railroad leadership not to stand against Tory candidates and focus on Labour-Leave areas.

One source said: “The biggest danger is that we play party politics in order to destroy the Conservative Party and throw away Brexit in the process.”

Brexit Party MEP John Longworth, who also chairs Leave Means Leave, said the party might contest “20 or 30” seats but admitted the strategy was “in flux”.

The party’s prospective candidates have also been sent an email telling them not to respond to questions about the party’s strategy.

The email read: “Message from HQ… IMPORTANT. Please go DARK on social media.

“DO NOT respond to any questions about where we are standing, what the strategy or plan is from now. Things will be made clear very soon.”

Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan and former home secretary Amber Rudd have led a group of Remainer MPs who refuse to stand in a general election.

Brexiteers have claimed that the group “jumped before they were pushed”.

They are among 31 Remain-voting MPs in Leave-supporting constituencies who are standing down.

The move could shift the balance of power between Leave and Remain in Parliament.

Downing Street is now trying to replace the MPs who are leaving their posts ready for election campaigns to begin next week.

Labour has been accused of putting the Union under threat for the sake of electoral gain after they cut a “backroom deal” with SNP, allowing them to secure a second Scottish independence referendum.

The move was seen as an invitation to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to form a coalition government with Labour if there is a hung Parliament.

A seat-by-seat poll of 46,000 voters has concluded that Mr Johnson will win a majority of 44, according to a Remain-supporting campaign group.

Best For Britain has said that a coalition between Labour, SNP, the Lib Dems and other smaller parties could win a small majority under Mr Corbyn.

However, as much as 30 percent of Remain supporters would have to lend their vote to other parties.


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