EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen to team up with Ruby Allen in surprise twist?


EASTENDERS’ viewers have seen Mel Owen struggle to cope in the past couple of months after the death of her son Hunter Owen. As she has tried to strengthen the bond between herself and Louise Mitchell in recent episodes, it seems her plan to tear down Sharon Mitchell is finally being put into action. 

As Keanu Taylor (played by Danny Walters) and Sharon Mitchell’s (Letitia Dean) secret is soon set to be out in the open, Mel clearly has her own ideas over the pair having to face up to the consequences of their actions. Will an unexpected force aid Mel in her mission in the form of Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton)? 

Viewers have seen Mel’s behaviour start to spiral out of control as she has become obsessive over Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) and her pregnancy, as she struggles to keep Keanu and Sharon’s affair a secret. 

In episodes earlier this week, Mel presented the teen an extravagant gift, in the form of a car for her 18th birthday present, leaving Keanu and Lisa both suspicious over her intentions. 

Tonight, Mel revealed her plans for Sharon and Louise to Ruby, who is the new owner of E20, as the pair shared a bottle of champagne. 

Mel had a twist in store as she revealed that Ruby already had her first booking, for the next day.

As Ruby excitedly spoke to Mel about her plans for the club, Mel replied: “Talking of parties, you’ve already got one booked for tomorrow night.”

A clearly surprised Ruby seemed excited by the news, as Mel revealed her plans. 

She told her: “I’m throwing it for Sharon and Louise’s birthday, double celebration, Kathy’s going to do the catering and I need you to spread the word.

“I want everyone here, the whole of Walford,” she continued. 

Ruby agreed, whilst Mel added: “It’s imperative Sharon doesn’t find out, it’s going to be a massive surprise, one she’s never going to forget.”

Will Ruby unintentionally help Mel’s sinister plans as she lets her excitement get ahead of her? 

Soon afterwards, Lisa was seen growing frustrated with Mel as she tried to help her understand that she wasn’t coping. 

She discovered a box of Hunter’s things, but was left confused after it contained a copy of Louise’s baby scan, with the words ‘Baby Taylor’ on the back..

As Lisa confronted her friend, she advised her that she needed help, as she confessed what she had found. 

As Mel refused to listen, the pair took it out into The Square, as she tried to convince Lisa that she was deluded. 

“I know what you’re doing, you’re muscling in on my daughter, forcing her to move away,” Lisa told her.

She hit back saying: “I don’t need help, you’re the one who needs help not me, you’re suffering from paranoid delusions, are you taking your pills, do I need to call someone…I’ve got a thing about Louise and the baby.”

Lisa snapped: “She’s my daughter, mine, and I know you’re trying to take her away from me.”

Mel struggled to face the truth, as she ended up slapping Lisa, perhaps losing one of her closest allies as an upcoming teaser trailer has revealed that her and Sharon will go head to head as Phil (Steve McFadden) is sure to find out the truth in upcoming episodes. 

As the storyline is set to reach its climax in the next few weeks, EastEnders boss Jon Sen spoke to The Sun about Keanu’s exit, and teased dramatic scenes to come. 

“Keanu’s story is set to come to a dramatic and blistering conclusion in the near future as one of the best kept secrets on the Square is finally revealed with devastating consequences. 

“We’d all like to thank Danny for his nuanced performance as Keanu Taylor over the last two and a half years. “What Danny has brought to his character has been one of the reasons the Sheanu affair has been such compulsive viewing for fans.

“Everyone at EastEnders wishes him well for the future.”


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