Dublin Murders: Will there be another series?


DUBLIN MURDERS concludes tonight on BBC One after eight nail-biting episodes. Will there be another series? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know

Episode eight of Dublin Murders is the final episode of the crime thriller on BBC One. Viewers will hopefully find out if Damien Donnelly (Jonny Holden) really killed Katy Devlin (Amy Macken), what happened to Adam/Rob (Killian Scott) and who was Lexi Mangan (Sarah Greene). There are many more loose ends for the series to tie up in just one hour so will be there be more Dublin Murders to come? 

Will there be another series of Dublin Murders?

After the final episode of Dublin Murders, the entire series will be available to stream and download on the BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, the BBC, RTE and Starz have not announced any plans about a second season of Dublin Murders.

The series has not premiered in the US on Starz yet, so news of renewal is unlikely to be announced until the series has finished airing in the US.

The US premiere date for Dublin Murders is Sunday, November 10, 2019, so fans will likely hear some news in 2020.

Dublin Murders has received positive reviews from critics since it aired for its gritty detail, plot twists and epic cliffhangers so there is potential for a second series.

Viewers on Twitter have also expressed their love for the drama, despite feeling confused along the way.

Each book in the novel series follows a different detective following a different case, so perhaps a second series will focus more on other characters such as Detective Sam O’Neil (Moe Dunford) or undercover officer Frank (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor ).

Frank is the lead character in the third novel, Faithful Place, so if Vaughan-Lawlor is happy to return, a third series could go ahead.

Speaking to press in London including Express.co.uk, Phelps explained why she wanted to adapt the novels and the stories what inspired her to write the series in the first place.

As both books have been combined into one storyline, the sequence of events and twists are very different to how they play out in the books, which gives the show a very open future.

A second series would largely depend on whether Phelps wanted to continue the story.

In the final episode,  the killer is of Katy Devlin was caught, Rob’s dodgy past half-uncovered, what really happened in the woods in 1985 sort of explained and the Cassie/Lexi case solved, which suggests will little scope for the story as it stands to continue.

Rosalind was revealed to be the mastermind behind the murder of her sister Katy who manipulated a vulnerable Damien to carry out the act. 

The ending of Dublin Murders was open to interpretation, with the mystery of 1985 being partly solved.

Peter and Jamie were never found and it was implied that they may have been killed by a wolf in the woods.

But, how does the wolf explain the blood found in Adam’s shoes? 

Frank was standing at the site of the archaeological dig and revealed to Adam that he had found a stone with had an image of the Erlking. 

The Erlking is the name used in German Romanticism for the figure of a spirit or “king of the fairies”.

Does this mean Jamie and Peter’s disappearance has something to do with the supernatural?

Frank then could see the same wolf that haunted Robs in his dreams. Does this mean Frank had something to do with the disappearance of Peter and Jamie? Or does the presence of the wolf mean the animal was the killer? 

Dublin Murders was an adaption of the Dublin Murder Squad book series by American-Irish author Tana French.

Show writer Sarah Phelps blended the first two novels of the series, In the Woods and The Likeness, into one story to create Dublin Murders.

As there are another four books in the series, there is the possibility the show will return.

The remaining four books are called Faithful Place, Broken Harbour, The Secret Place and The Trespasser.

Phelps revealed she was inspired by ghost stories and folklore tales to tell the supernatural element of the drama and she was not short of ghost stories to tell.

She said: “This is a detective thriller. This is a murder mystery.

“This is also a kind of really deep dive into the stories that we tell ourselves, that we’ve told ourselves forever why we tell those stories to keep away that beast in the dark as we huddle around the fire and hope we’re not going to die before tomorrow and how we tell the story of ourselves or whether we’re ever going to escape it.

“Why we tell those stories, who we want to be and how we kind of coat ourselves in that space.

“It’s kind of exciting and the when you look at Rob and Cassie, that turned the two of them together, they are a pair of dark stars pulling everything else into the orbit of their secrets.”

Phelps added: “I love the idea of woods because woods, which is another old word for madness, which the idea to go into the woods and you become lost and you could possibly go mad, and there are still places that people go.

“But I really like the idea that there is a place where you think it’s familiar. I’m always really attracted to stories or where we think we know everything we think we do.

“When the lights go out what we think what we believe is a very very different story.

“We are great with the lights of runway great we’re rational with brilliant we’re superhuman you turn the lights off in a dark place you turn the lights off in the country it’s really dark and I guarantee within a minute you’ll be thinking all sorts of s***”

She added: “That’s really what this show is about.”

Speaking separately to The Metro, Killian Scott who plays Detective Rob in Dublin Murders said he would be happy to reprise his role int he future.

He said: “I’d come back! ‘When you’re a working actor you see a lot of scripts all the time, but to get to do something that’s really well written it’s a rare privilege.’

Will there be another series of Dublin Murders?


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