Drag Race UK: Michelle Visage and Cheryl clash over contestant


DRAG RACE UK was back last night, as the five remaining UK queens battled it out in a series of hilarious challenges to try and impress host RuPaul and the rest of the judging panel. This week, Cheryl was featured alongside the regular judges, and it wasn’t long before she came into a disagreement with a co-star. 

In this week’s main challenge, the five remaining queens were tasked with coming up with an advertising campaign for their own brand of water. As the queens got stuck in, one contestant’s attempts led to Michelle Visage and guest judge Cheryl, to clash. 

Baga Chipz caused a stir with her advert, which was a fish and chip water, and the judges were shown a clip that she created to go alongside her campaign. 

Her bizarre video featured her with two of Ru’s Brit Crew on a park bench, as she draped herself across the two men, with a battered sausage in her mouth. 

Michelle asked for clarification, as she didn’t know what a “chippy” was, with Baga responding: “You know this don’t you Cheryl, it’s up north you’re having a chippy tea.”

As the judges delivered their feedback on the look, Graham Norton was first up, as he seemed to rate Baga Chipz’ look. 

“I’ll tell you what, I was really looking forward to working with you, what surprised me as they you were kind of the most shambolic… but it was really really well done,” he told the queen. 

However, as it came to Michelle Visage to deliver her feedback, she gave some stern comments, and didn’t seem to enjoy Baga’s attempt.

She told Baga: “I’m really not sure about the water concept.”

“With what you were selling, I think we had more fun watching you put stuff in your mouth,” she stated.

Baga justified her idea, saying: “I think I was just trying to sell fish and chips in a bottle that fills you up.”

In response, Michelle, seeming frustrated, declared: “Well let’s hear from the other judges, maybe it’s just me.”

Cheryl thoroughly disagreed with Michelle, instantly replying: “I think it is just you.”

As the camera cut to Baga Chipz gasping at her scathing reply, she continued to offer some positive feedback.

“It was actually smart that you kept it on brand, if I was going to buy that water I’d know it was associated to you… Michelle?” 

A bemused looking Michelle responded: “Her name’s not battered sausage is it, it’s Baga Chipz.”

As the pair came to blows, they quickly moved on to judge the other contestant’s, before one queen was eliminated.

Last night’s episode saw Cheryl Hole and Blu Hydrangea have to lip sync for their lives, before Ru chose to save the former. 

Cheryl is the latest in a series of huge name guests to join the panel throughout the show.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, Little Mix’s Jade Thirwall and Stacey Dooley have all featured as guests on the show so far.

Next week, actress Michaela Coel will be joining the judges on the panel, as the four remaining queens fight it out to become the first winner of Drag Race UK.

Who will be lip-syncing for their lives in next week’s instalment?  


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