Dagenham residents don’t hold back as Brexit chaos erupts ‘I am sick and tired of them!’


DAGENHAM residents living in one of Britain’s largest vote Leave constituencies have erupted in fury as the general election campaign begins before Brexit has been fixed.

Furious Essex locals have branded Britain’s stumbling exit from the European Union “one big mess” as they hit out at MPs constant “squabbling” and admitted they are “sick and tired” of being controlled by Brussels. David Rogers, a Labour voter said that Brexit should have been delivered “a long while ago” and insisted Remainers keep “moving the goalposts”. Mr Rogers, now retired, told Express.co.uk: “I think it should have gone a long while ago. “Surely when they first went into it all those years ago, there should have been a set of rules saying that if you want to get out you do this then you get out and they keep moving the goalposts every time.”

The 63-year-old added he did not see an end to the Brexit crisis.

He said: “At this rate I don’t think it will because they are too busy squabbling with each other inside, there is too much squabbling inside, you know another one is going to rise to the top and there is always backbiting in their own parties.”

In the 2016 EU referendum the Barking and Dagenham constituency voted a huge 62.4 percent in favour of leaving the EU.

Emmanuel Babs, 30, a Labour voter, said that the Brexit process has become “one big merry-go-round”.

The financial services worker, who supports a second referendum, hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his predecessor Theresa May and said the public “just want a resolution”.

Mr Babs said: “I feel like it is one big mess, its been one big merry-go-round and basically I just want a resolution to it really.”

He added: “Everyone is passing the buck, first Theresa May now it is Boris Johnson.

“To be honest I just think we as a public are just tired of who is to blame, we just want a resolution to it and I feel like a lot of us just want us to stay in the EU, but whether that is going to happen or not is another story.”

James Gray said that the UK needs to deliver Brexit and focus on other issues closer to home.

Mr Gray, who works as a tree surgeon, highlighted Britain would be able to save billions by not sending £11billion net each year to the EU, and be able to better fund the NHS and emergency services.

The 34-year-old said: “I think it will be better for the UK that we leave because all the money that we do send to the EU can come back and help the homeless, NHS, care homes, people that really need the money, emergency services, things like that.”

Pensioner Janet Druce, 74, also condemned MPs and said it was time to deliver Brexit and then focus on domestic policies such as care for the elderly.

She gave her sympathies to former Prime Minister Theresa May and firmly put the blame at the door of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for frustrating the will of 17.4 million voters.

Mrs Druce said: “I feel very sorry for Theresa May, I feel very sorry for her, because they were criticising everything that she was doing.

“But then again Jeremy Corbyn and his party did not come up with anything that would help anybody.

“I think something like Brexit they should all come together, don’t fight each other, its quite an important issue.”

In a stunning rant the Dagenham pensioner stated she was “sick and tired” of being told what to do by the unelected EU chiefs.

She acknowledged Britain’s exit from the EU would not be smooth running but said it would all work out in the end, adding the UK can stand alone and “have managed well without them in the past”.

Mrs Druce added: “I would like to see the other countries, not mentioning any names, stop trying to bully us, that is one of the reasons why I voted to come out.

“I am sick and tired of them saying you can do this but you can’t do that we have managed well without them in the past.

“It will be a struggle at first but I think we will be okay once it is all sorted out.”


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