Chicago weather warning: Upper midwest big freeze as ‘record breaking’ arctic surge hits


THE US is bracing itself for a surge of freezing weather as temperatures are set to plunge in the coming days as a “surge” of arctic air is set to blast upper midwest America.

Meteorologists are predicting “hundreds” of weather records to tumble as temperatures will drop by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 12 hours. This is because an “arctic airmass” has travelled from the north and is pushing its way down south along the east coast and upper midwest of the States as well as more centrally. The blast will bring with it continuing cold temperatures which will break records across the US.

Chicago will continue to be sub-0 following Monday’s events which saw thousands of flights cancelled due to snow and ice.

Temperatures will not get higher than 25F (-4C) while overnight temperatures in Chicago reached 10F (-12C).

According to the Chicago Department of Aviation, there have been an additional 87 flight cancellations at the time of writing on November 12, but this is expected to rise due to the wintry conditions.

In the Rockies, temperatures plunged to a record breaking -18 F (-27 C) on Sunday while the mercury dropped to -30 F (-34 C) in northern Montana on Monday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) added that there could be up to 10 centimetres of snow from the Midwest to the Northeast while the Great Lakes, on the US-Canada border, could see up to two feet of snow.

The NWS said: “The next surge of arctic air is poised to bring the coldest temperatures so far this season for much of the central and eastern US for early in the week.”

“The arctic airmass that has settled across much of the northern and central US will continue to push south and eastward, spreading the much below average temperatures into the Southeast and East on Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday.

“Much of the central and eastern US will be enveloped in a region of much below average temperatures over the next two days, along with potential for widespread record cold morning low temperatures and record low afternoon high temperatures.”

Meteorologist Jonathan Erdman wrote on Twitter: “UPDATE: @NWS is forecasting ~385 daily #cold records from Monday through Thursday morning.

“To be clear, these are records for the particular calendar day, as opposed to records for the entire month or all-time records.”

Freezing Arctic air will trigger a snowstorm across Europe, according to the latest BBC weather forecast.

This comes after the UK experienced its coldest overnight temperatures of the winter so far on Saturday night, with -7.1C was recorded in the Scottish Highlands.

The BBC weather forecast claimed that this Arctic drop could continue well into the next week.

The BBC’s meteorologist Louise Lear warned parts of Northern Europe are experiencing a drastic plunge in temperatures.

This drop is far below what it is expected at this time of year, with a freezing -30C recorded in Scandinavia this week.

Ms Lear said: “You can see how much cloud there is at the moment. There is another system waiting in the wings. It is going to arrive in from the Atlantic, bringing in more unsettled weather.”


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