Casualty cancelled: BBC medical drama won’t air tonight – Here’s why


CASUALTY fans could be in panic after finding out that the medical drama won’t air tonight as the hit BBC One drama is shelved for a special reason. 

The BBC drama is a Saturday favourite however, fans are to learn that Casualty will not air tonight as viewers will find themselves watching the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance instead. 

Saturday is usually packed with shows however, fans will not fall short of watching something because Casualty is cancelled. 

Instead, they will get to watch Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance which will air at 9pm on BBC One. 

BBC News presenter Huw Edwards will host the Festival of Remembrance to mark the annual celebrations to remember those who had lost their lives during the great battles of 1944.

Although it may disappoint some fans, the BBC has taken the tough decision to clear the show from the schedule. 

This isn’t the first time that Casualty has been taken off the schedule this year. 

However, fans of the BBC One medical drama have had plenty of warning this time round compared to the summer when the show was stopped at the last minute due to Wimbledon. 

The medical drama was also cleared from the schedule in the beginning of the year to make room for the Last Night of the Proms and the Eurovision Song Contest.

How will super fans react to this news now? 

Viewers should expect to see the show back to its normal setting the following Saturday. 

Meanwhile, its sister show Holby City just celebrated its 1000th episode last Tuesday. 

On its official Twitter page, the show’s director Tracey Ronney recorded a clip which was about filming for the special episode.

She talked through the episode which sees explosions of fireworks blast outside of the hospital. 

She explained: “In the storyline, we have a guest character who accidentally sets off a whole load of fireworks.”

The director added that it was supposed to be much more simple than that to get people’s attention but it turns out to be a dangerous disaster. 

Talking about the intricacies of filming and organising these scenes, she revealed that the effects specialists “released fireworks down wires”.

It was fired by rockets and the actors were trained to dodge the fireworks. 


On the other hand, Casualty’s Twitter page made no mention of the drama not appearing tonight. 

Although fans have probably been looking forward to what happens in tonight’s episode, they will just have to wait another week. 

Besides, BBC shows like Strictly Come Dancing, The Wall and Match of the Day should be keeping viewers busy this evening. 


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