Brexiteer candidate claims he was ‘attacked’ by an enraged Remainer during campaign stop


A BREXIT PARTY candidate has accused a man of hitting and abusing him during a campaign stop, claiming that perpetrator was a “Remainer, who had been triggered” by the Brexit debate.

A Brexit Party election candidate has released extraordinary footage of what he claims is an assault from a Remainer during a campaign stop. Darcy Iveson-Berkeley alleges the attaack took place at a meeting with fellow Brexiteers. Mr Iveson-Berkeley, who is the youngest Brexit Party MP hopeful, said a “triggered Remainer” confronted and abused him at a pub in Southport last night, before later punching him.

Speaking to his followers on Twitter, the Brexiteer said he was approached by a “confrontational and rude” man who had sat down opposite them.

He said: “He started playing the European anthem then started hurling abuse. Apparently, I’m a ‘fake c-word’, a racist and a bigot.

“I find that quite funny considering I’m mixed race and gay. He then proceeded to confront us and was quite rude really, it was quite scary.

“I said I was going downstairs to report him to the manager of the bar. “It was quite intimidating. These Remainers, I don’t what has triggered them.”

Mr Iveson-Berkeley said that when the ‘Leavers of Britain’ meeting had ended, he was again approached the man outside of the pub.

The political candidate said: “As I was leaving the man had reappeared. At the end of the video the man struck me.

“This will be reported to the Police. Not acceptable. There’s always one who spoils things.”

In one clip, the unidentified man is seen questioning Mr Iveson-Berkeley.

The conversation escalates into a scuffule and the man can be seen knocking the Brexiteer’s phone away.

The candidate later told talkRADIO: “This is not something I have ever experienced before. I was left feeling very shocked, the outcome could have been a lot worse”.

Merseyside Police have confirmed they are investigating reports of a racially aggravated assault.

The force said: “It was reported that at around 9.10pm, a 19-year-old man was racially abused by a man in the Willow Grove Wetherspoons, Lord Street, before he was struck to the chest.”

They added: “The victim sustained no injuries and CCTV and witness enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”

Police have advised election candidates against campaigning alone after some MPs voiced concerns about physical violence during the campaign.

A new movement in Westminster to stop abuse in politics has formed with the backing of cross-party MPs.

The #StopTheNastiness launch by think tank Compassion in Politics comes amid an increasingly hostile political environment.


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