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NIGEL FARAGE is set to unveil 600 Brexit Party candidates in an attempt to scupper Boris Johnson’s chances of winning the upcoming general election after his calls for for a Brexit Party alliance with the Conservatives was slapped down. But is the Brexit Party leader right to fight the Prime Minister in this election?

Mr Farage warned the Brexit Party will stand against the Tories in every British seat unless Boris Johnson abandons its Brexit deal with Brussels. He also claimed this morning that the December 12 election is likely to result in a hung parliament, with his own MPs becoming kingmakers. Mr Farage told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “It is likely, it is likely that we are going to have a hung parliament next time around so actually if the Brexit Party get a reasonable amount of people in there they could exert a great influence.

“Mrs May was kept in power by 10 DUP MPs.”

During the interview, Mr Farage also said he would hurt the Labour party “in the most extraordinary way” in the election.

But James Cleverly, the Conservative Party chairman, is not convinced voting for the Brexit Party would stop Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He said Mr Farage had “admitted that a vote for the Brexit Party risks letting (Jeremy) Corbyn in through the backdoor creating another gridlocked hung Parliament that doesn’t work”.

Mr Farage added he had set out to form a “Leave alliance” with the Conservatives.

This is because he believed that Mr Johnson’s deal was a “Remainer’s Brexit” that was “virtually worse than staying where we are”.

He told the Andre Marr Show on BBC One on Sunday: “If Boris was going for a genuine Brexit, then we wouldn’t need to fight him in this election.

“If we go through this route we will finish up rejoining.”

But Mr Johnson said during an interview with ITV that the only way to get Brexit done was to vote Conservative and not any other party.

He said: “Vote for this government because unfortunately as I tried to point out if you vote for any other party the risk is you’ll just get Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, dither and delay, not just one referendum next year but two referendums.”

He also told BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg doing deals with any other party is that it “simply risks putting Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10”.

Mr Johnson said: “‘I want to be very, very clear that voting for any other party than this government, this Conservative government… is basically tantamount to putting Jeremy Corbyn in.”

And despite not standing as an MP himself in the election, the Brexit Party leader was warned he risked “being the man who threw away Brexit”.

Chairman of the ERG Steve Baker told The Telegraph: “Nigel Farage’s critique [of the Brexit deal]is wrong. Whilst there are some compromises people like me have to swallow, Boris’s deal is a path to a great future. But we will not succeed if Nigel Farage creates a hung parliament by dogmatically pursuing purity.

“That’s the irony of Nigel Farage. He risks being the man who hands Boris a weak and indecisive Parliament, and bringing about, therefore, his own worst fears.

“He is plainly setting out to create a hung Parliament which would lead to more indecision and delay. Whatever Nigel’s motives, he risks being the man who threw away Brexit.”

Work and pensions secretary Therese Coffey also told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the election stance of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage puts EU withdrawal at risk

She said: “The Conservative Party is the party that will get Brexit done.

“I cannot understand how Nigel Farage puts at risk … being the person who lets Brexit evaporate.

“Only the Conservative Party, in this election, of the party that has the chance of being in government, are the only party that is going to respect the referendum of 2016.”


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