Boris Johnson given ’24 hours to make election pact’ as Farage offers shock ultimatum


NIGEL FARAGE has given Boris Johnson 24 hours to make an electoral pact with his Brexit Party in the run up to the December 12 election.

Mr Farage has given Boris Johnson an eleciton pact ulitmatum – leaving him 24 hours to decide whether he will team up with the Brexit Party, as reported by The Sun. On Friday, Mr Farage will disclose how many candidates he plans to field for the upcoming general election, though Tory chiefs have warned that the Brexit Party could effectively let Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street by splitting the pro-Brexit vote.

Mr Farage had initially said he would field members in all 650 seats.

But, it was reported on Wednesday that he may slash this number to just a few dozen.

The party leader has furthered mystery around his election plans after a cryptic message from the Brexit Party told all candidates on Wednesday: “Important: Please all go DARK on social media.

“DO NOT respond to any questions about where we are standing, what the strategy or plan is from now on.

“Things will be made clear very soon.”

Candidates asides from MEP Claire Fox were also revealed to have affiliations with communism.

Husband and wife John and Yasmin Fitzpatrick are set to stand in North Thanet and East Surrey.

The Sun reported that in 1987, the pair stood for election for the Red Front – a communist faction.

This revelation led to a Tory MP calling question on the Fitzpatrick’s selection, casting doubt on how well Mr Farage’s new party has screened extremists from representing them.

Tory MP Mark Francois mocked the Brexit Party for selecting candidates “who were too Left-wing even for Jeremy Corbyn”.

Conservative MP Bill Cash has had his Brexit Party opponent stand down out of respect to the Tory MP’s “years” of trying to leave the EU.

The Brexit Party candidate for Stone in Staffordshire has reportedly urged others to ask themselves whether they should do the same in their constituencies.

In response to Mark Francois’ comments, a Brexit Party spokesman said that it welcomed candidates who believe in democracy, no matter their political background.

He added: “This is not an issue of left and right, it’s an issue of right and wrong.”

Mr Farage has drawn attention to the “series of choices” they must now make in the run up to the December general election.

He said: “They can vote for a party that wants to revoke, they can vote for a party that wants to have a second referendum, they can vote for a party that wants a new EU treaty or they can vote for a party which wants a clean break.

“So, it is going to be a full menu.”

Referring to Mr Johnson, he said: “I just don’t know but I think if he is going to fight the general election on the basis of that treaty then I think as a Leaver it is very difficult.

“We will see what happens. I am not ruling anything in, not ruling anything out.

“But it would appear he wants to fight the election on the basis of that treaty which I just don’t think is Brexit.

“But, that may change.”

Mr Johnson has repeatedly turned down the offer of a pact, vowing instead to get Brexit done without the help of the Brexit Party.

Richard Tice, Brexit Party chairman, told the BBC Mr Farage’s “generous offer” of a pact remained on the table.

He also said his preference was to establish a “Leave alliance”.

He added he would not let Mr Johnson “sell this country down the river with a really bad deal”.


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