Bill Turnbull reveals his THREE part action plan to fighting cancer: ‘I’m feeling better’


BILL TURNBULL spoke openly about the steps he has taken to try and keep his prostrate cancer at bay since his diagnosis last year. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, he told Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan about his diet changes and the other remedies he is trying as part of his documentary Staying Alive.

Bill Turnball joined Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid today to discuss his documentary Bill Turnbull: Staying Alive. During his appearance on the ITV show, he discussed his terminal cancer and the changes he has made to his life in order to fight the disease. 

Best known for presenting BBC Breakfast for 15 years, Bill currently host a Classic FM show. 

But following his prostate cancer diagnosis last year, the broadcaster has created a documentary with Channel 4 which follows the treatment he is receiving as well as trying alternative health methods and remedies.  

GMB viewers were shown a small clip from his documentary and Bill was seen laughing uncontrollably as a side effect of taking medicinal cannabis oil which is meant to help keep cancer at bay.  

Discussing this moment and whether the herbal drug had aided his treatment Bill said: “It was an embarrassing moment, because I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

“I was just doing a piece to camera – or trying to and I just couldn’t form a sentence.” 

“Bill, How are you doing at the moment?” his former BBC co-host Susanna asked him.

“Because it was a devastating diagnosis, the documentary is your journey from being diagnosed to now, and it wasn’t great news at the end of the documentary about the PSA levels.” 

“No, it should be four or less, mine went up to 200,” he explained. 

“I’ve started new treatment and we’ve got it down to 137, so we’ve got it down every month.” 

Susanna added: “What you want is that to keep coming down – so that’s great news.” 

“I feel amazingly well. To be honest, I feel better than before the diagnosis,” Bill remarked. 

“Do you know what? You look amazingly well, as well. So which of these things do you think are working? Susanna commented

“Because you went on a vegetarian diet, you tried the cannabis oil, you’ve tried some vegan sausage rolls.

“But you seem so happy Bill! And one of the things you say, is you make a choice to do that don’t you?” She added. 

“Yes,” Bill replied.

“You do have to, you’ve got to try and stay positive. Because frankly being happy is nicer than being miserable – Piers,” he joked. 

“And so that’s part of the healing process from within, I believe that. You can help yourself get better, conventional medicine but I’ve got to be able to help myself as well. 

“Diet – I’ve stopped drinking, exercise, I try to take working on a moment of joy every day is really important.“ 

Discussing his treatment, Bill told Prostrate Cancer UK, who he is an ambassador for: “The chemo wasn’t pretty, but was fairly effective. 

“Since then I have felt a lot better as time has gone on. My immune system has improved and my body is more back to ‘normal’.

“I did put on more than a stone in weight due to the steroids I had to take, but that’s all come off again now, thank heaven.

“I’m currently on a more gentle treatment, just a hormone injection every twelve weeks, and another to strengthen the bones.

“I’ve gone meat and dairy free, and as a result feel pretty good at the moment. I’ve also started doing yoga again regularly – and meditating, which I find particularly useful.” 


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