BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg makes General Election poll prediction with ‘lots of surprises’


BORIS JOHNSON calling a general election could see the result go in any direction, according to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssburg who gave her prediction on the major crunch ballot that could see Nigel Farage, Jeremy Corbyn or even Jo Swinson become Britain’s new Prime Minister.

Ms Kuenssberg took to Twitter to offer an insight into the election drama as it continues to unfold day by day, with the latest being Nigel Farage going head-to-head with Tory leader Boris Johnson in a risk that could see the leave vote split, allowing for Mr Corbyn to move into No10. Ms Kuenssberg said on Twitter: “Brexit Party sabre rattling is certainly tricky for the Tories, but their position today also revealing – the election campaign has started + they haven’t decided where + how many candidates to stand. “One Cabinet minister reckons Brexit Party actually might help them some seats because they take voters who would never vote Tory anyway from the Labour Party. “That’s not the view of plenty of Tory MPs who are worried about what the Brexit Party could do to their vote, and having Farage attacking Johnson’s deal as not proper Brexit is tricky but I reckon we’re going to say this a lot, but this election is going to full of many different kinds of contests, we will all look at them but the national polls won’t be able to capture how things might actually change seat by seat – could be a lot of surprises in 6 weeks time.”

In four days of election drama, Britain has seen a colossal number of Remainer MPs stand down before their futures are decided upon by voters.

These include Nicky Morgan, Caroline Spelman, David Lidington, Jo Johnson – the Prime Minister’s brother – Richard Benyon, Oliver Letwin, Ken Clarke, Justine Greening, Amber Rudd and Rory Stewart.

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow also finally stood down yesterday.

Brexit Party leader Mr Farage has offered Mr Johsnon a pact that he has rejected several times over.

Mr Farage’s fledgling outfit has the potential to be a major thorn in the side for the Tories, and he urged Mr Johnson to join him to “get Brexit done”.

Speaking in Westminster, he said: “I want to urge Boris Johnson to reconsider.

“A general election is a chance to press the reset the button.

“It’s a chance to go in a different direction. Drop the deal. As these weeks go by, people will not like it.”

He warned if Mr Johnson refused to join forces, Brexit Party was ready to field candidates in every seat in England and Wales.

He added: “Please don’t doubt that we are ready.

“Don’t underestimate our determination or organisation.”

Commenting on the latest IpsoMORI poll published yesterday, which put Brexit Party support at seven percent, Andrew Hawkins, chairman of ComRes, yesterday told Mr Johnson’s chances of winning an overall majority would be significantly enhanced if the figure stayed in single figures.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn’s general election promise to agree a new deal with the EU has been quickly shut down by an Irish minister.

The Labour Party leader vowed to “get Brexit sorted” in six months by putting his own deal to the public in a referendum.

His promise came after the UK’s exit from the bloc was delayed again to January 31, with a general election called for December 12.

But Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe warned the Brexit deal agreed between the UK and EU will not be reopened.

He said: “The European Union has made clear now that the withdrawal agreement as defined by the recent agreement between the European Council and prime minister Johnson, that is not something that’s going to be reopened.

“We say that after many, many years now of effort to get to this point.

“But I think it is important to emphasise now that this withdrawal agreement and the changes that have been made in relation to Northern Ireland is after an absolutely exhaustive process to get to this point, and years of negotiation.”

The election date is December 12.


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