BBC QT audience erupts as Tory MP shuts down Labour over Brexit and Scottish referendum


BBC QUESTION TIME saw Tory MP Kirstene Hair savage Labour over their policies on Brexit and a second Scottish referendum.

Ms Hair is a Scottish Tory candidate for Angus who made a brilliant point by explaining exactly why Boris Johnson should be Prime Minister over Jeremy Corbyn. Last night’s show took place in Glasgow, Scotland in a Remainer stronghold.

Host Fiona Bruce introduced the show and managed to tame many outbursts between the SNP, Labour and the Tories.

The main topic of the evening was Scottish independence with Justice Secretary for the SNP Humza Yousaf and Scottish journalist and broadcaster Angela Haggerty on the panel.

Ms Bruce was also joined by Labour Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner and businessman Iain Anderson.

Ms Hair’s main point was that Mr Johnson would “move the country forward” and “say no to Nicola Sturgeon” who has been campaigning for a second referendum.

However, she also savaged the Labour party for their policies on Brexit, and responded to former Labour MP Ian Austin’s admission that he would now be voting for Mr Johnson.

She said: “Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely unfit to be the Prime Minister of this country.”

The audience erupted into a round of applause as the Tory MP continued her point.

“Not only did Ian Austin say that he [Corbyn] was unfit to be Prime Minister but he put the economy and jobs at risk.

“And that his deal was a fantasy.

“He was scathing. And not only did Ian Austin say ‘vote Boris Johnson’.

“He didn’t just say vote for the candidate to keep Jeremy Corbyn out.

“He actually believes Boris Johnson is the best person to be Prime Minister.

“We also saw the Jewish Chronicle front page this morning suggesting that 87 percent of Jews felt frightened by Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

“Forty-seven percent saying they would emigrate if Jeremy Corbyn were Prime Minister.

“This is absolutely damning.”

Ms Hair went on to say that the current Prime Minister was the best option for the country.

She said: “But what I would say in this election is that it is a very clear choice.

“It’s a choice between Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, getting a Brexit deal, focusing on public services and saying no to Nicola Sturgeon’s second independence referendum that she wants to re-run next year.

“The opposite option is Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister with Nicola Sturgeon propping him up.

“Two referendums next year.

“More delay, more dithering, not delivering on that referendum result and the billions that Jeremy Corbyn said he was going to borrow in order to spend across out country would leave us with the highest level of borrowing since the 1960s.

“It’s to vote Conservative that will move this country forward.

“Respect both referendum results and make sure that we focus on the issues that really matter.”


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