Andre Gomes injury: Ex-Premier League referee backs Son Heung-min red card decision


Tottenham star Son Heung-min deserved to be sent off for his tackle on Andre Gomes, which caused the Everton midfielder to suffer a broken ankle during Spurs’ 1-1 draw with the Toffees, according to former Premier League referee Peter Walton.

Tottenham forward Son Heung-min was right to be red-carded for his challenge on Everton’s Andre Gomes this weekend, according to Peter Walton.

The Spurs star endangered the safety of his opponent with the tackle, and referee Martin Atkinson did the right thing by changing his mind to brandish the red card.

Son challenged Gomes when Spurs were 1-0 up at Goodison Park, and tripped up the Everton star.

He subsequently clattered into defender Serge Aurier, and suffered a fracture dislocation to his right ankle.

Atkinson booked Son for the initial challenge, but after seeing the extent of the damage to Gomes, the referee went back and sent him off.

Former referee Walton believes it was the right decision, and made a comparison to Aaron Ramsey’s infamous leg-break at Stoke City in 2010.

“I was the referee when Aaron Ramsey’s right leg was broken after a tackle by Ryan Shawcross during Arsenal’s 3-1 victory at Stoke City in February 2010,” he told The Times.

“Initially, I was going to caution the Stoke defender but after seeing the severity of the injury Ramsey had suffered, I showed a red card.

“As a referee, you must judge whether a challenge is careless or reckless, or endangers an opponent. The degree of intent does not come into it.

“That day, Shawcross was reckless in his challenge and — after I had seen the outcome — it was clear that he had endangered the safety of Ramsey.

“I had no option but to send him off and in fairness to Shawcross, all he wanted to do was to apologise to the Arsenal midfielder.

“Following Son Heung-min’s challenge on Everton’s Andre Gomes at Goodison Park yesterday, Martin Atkinson initially took out a yellow card before sending off the Tottenham forward.

“Son will not have intended to injure his opponent but — as the Premier League later clarified in a statement — he was dismissed for endangering the safety of a player.”

The Spurs forward was left crying on the pitch after the extent of Gomes’ injury became clearer.

Dele Alli revealed after the match that Son was inconsolable in the dressing room.

Aurier was also left devastated by the incident, and was seen praying for the Everton star on the pitch.

Initially, I was going to caution the Stoke defender but after seeing the severity of the injury Ramsey had suffered, I showed a red card


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