Three-year-old Orlando boy dies after getting stuck inside of a front-loading washing machine


A three-year-old boy died on Sunday after becoming trapped inside a front-loading washing machine in Orlando.

Police said the incident appeared to be a tragic accident that occurred during playtime with his sibling in the family’s laundry room.

The child was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.   

Data from Consumer Reports shows that more than 2,000 children each year are either hurt or killed in incidents involving washing machines or dryers. 

‘It’s certainly is a tragic scenario,’ Jim Nanni, a product testing engineer for Consumer Reports, told Click Orlando.

After the boy was discovered to be in the washing machine, emergency responders were called to the scene on Sunday where paramedics performed CPR on the boy.

The child was then taken from his Lake Como Circle home to Arnold Palmer Children’s Medical Center, where he later died. 

It was not immediately clear how long the child had been trapped in the washing machine before he was found. 

As the incident remains under investigation, access to the home was restricted with yellow police tape.

Orlando police issued the following warning to parents and guardians with small children who may be enticed to play in a washing machine or dryer:

‘In order to prevent an incident like this from happening again, we are asking parents to take precautions to keep their children safe in the laundry room.

‘Laundry rooms with their own doors and handles can be secured using a child-proof handle or lock, which can prevent children from gaining access to the laundry room in the first place. 

‘In addition, the doors of a washer and dryer should be closed and locked at all times. We also ask that parents speak with their children and teach them that washers, dryers and other appliances are not toys and should not be played with.’

Nanni also offered an additional tip to keep children safe when there is a washer or dryer in the home. 

He suggested installing a power switch on the machines, so that they must be purposely turned on in order to function.


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