Supermodel Lauren Hutton stars in anti-aging campaign for StriVectin


60s fashion icon Lauren Hutton – the ‘original supermodel’ – is staging a sensational comeback at the age of 75, landing a major beauty contract just weeks after walking the catwalk at Paris Couture Fashion Week. 

The style legend appears in a striking new campaign for anti-aging beauty brand StriVectin, having been named as the company’s first ever celebrity ambassador – an achievement that she described as being one of the ‘proudest’ moments in her life. 

‘I said coming back [to fashion]at 46 or 47 was the thing I’m proudest of, but it makes me awful proud to come back at 75,’ she said at an event to celebrate her partnership with the high-end brand.   

She then recalled of her past comeback: ‘When I was 46 [in 1987], I started calling all the editors around the western world that I knew and didn’t know and said, “Women have gone into everything… but we need to go into our actual image.

‘”And you don’t have to use me [for a campaign or a shoot]but you have to use someone my age. Because who are men really going to sleep with?”‘ 

Lauren also praised the skincare brand for being ‘hip enough to show the world that we can be beautiful at all ages’, while thanking StriVectin for giving her the chance to work alongside her goddaughter Nina Clemente – a professional chef who appears with the supermodel in the stills and video for the new campaign. 

In one photo, the two women are seen cuddling one another, with Nina, 38, holding her hand up to Lauren’s face as they both beam at the camera. 

Meanwhile in the video, the pair are joined by a fluffy dog, and are seen laughing with one another while waving the pup’s paws in the direction of the cameraman. 

However for Lauren, Nina’s appearance in the campaign has far more significance than providing a personal memory for the two of them. Instead, she believes it helps to show people everywhere that beauty is not limited to just one age group, but rather exists in everyone no matter how old or young they are. 

In a brand statement, StriVectin explained that it wanted its new campaign – along with the message, ‘Hold on to your collagen. At every age’ – to ‘celebrate multi-generational beauty and the notion that part of looking and feeling your best is holding on to what matters most, who you are and what you love’.  

Speaking at a New York City launch event on Tuesday night, when it was revealed that Lauren will also be helping to re-launch StriVectin’s first ever product, SD Advanced Plus Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks, the supermodel said how grateful she was to have experienced ageless beauty around the world. 

Revealing how ‘proud’ she is to have traveled as much as she has done, Lauren said that ‘one of the first things you see is that beauty is everywhere’. 

‘And great women are everywhere,’ she continued. ‘Every size, every shape, every height… I saw women I wanted to rush out and eat 20 cannellonis with!

‘We are all lucky that we are living in a time finally where we are being faced a little better.’ 

While Lauren sang the praises of the StriVectin skincare line, noting that she has already noticed a difference in her skin even in the short amount of time she’s been using the products, when asked to share advice for how to maintain a youthfulness and vitality as you grow older, her answer was much more holistic. 

‘I guess the most important thing to say about maintaining a vitality and a brain and an alertness and wanting to love life is, especially in these scary times, [holding]on to what you loved when you were a kid because that’s what I did,’ she shared.  

Lauren then offered up one very surprising example of one of her childhood passions: snakes.  

‘You know I still love snakes…’ she revealed. ‘Imagine having no arms or legs! And people are trying to kill you in every direction you go in.’ 

Although perhaps not the answer many might have expected from Lauren, the brand says that kind of out-of-the-box, boundary-breaking attitude is exactly why StriVectin was so keen to sign Lauren on as its first celebrity favce. 

‘With Lauren, we have really met our match,’ StriVectin CEO Joan Malloy said in a statement. ‘We’ve wanted to work with her for quite some time.

‘She redefined beauty when she popped on the scene five decades ago – and she’s still doing it today. She’s showing up still, again and again, to show all women that life doesn’t end at 40. 

‘We’re inspired by her intelligence, resilience, authenticity and fierce determination. We see her as a real partner, with a shared passion and purpose. 

‘We’re not just interested in her face – we want her voice and opinions as well.’  

That high praise is echoed in Lauren’s first video campaign for the brand, which sees her modeling several chic and simple outfits, while empowering labels such as ‘confident’, ‘authentic’, ‘original’, and ‘unconventional’ flash up on the screen. 

Lauren’s partnership with StriVectin comes just one month after another career-defining moment for the model: Her first catwalk appearance at a Paris fashion show. 

The septuagenarian took to the runway at Valentino’s Haute Couture fashion show in the French capital in July – and made quite the impression when she tumbled over her four-inch heels and proceeded to finish the show with bare feet. 

Touching upon the incident while at her StriVectin event, Lauren made light of the incident, joking that she hadn’t expected the show to go the way that it had, but noting that she felt like she had to seize the opportunity because she had never had the chance to do a show in Paris prior to that moment. 

However that doesn’t mean that Lauren has been avoiding the runways altogether since turning 70 – quite the opposite in fact. 

In October of 2016, she walked the Bottega Veneta runway in Milan, coming out twice: First by herself, and second for the finale with Gigi Hadid.

And as it turns out, Hadid’s appearance at the end wasn’t planned — and Lauren’s heels were to blame.

‘Did you see those?’ she asked The Cut, referring to the shoes she wore. ‘They looked beautiful, but boy. Everyone else had practiced them.’

Lauren was worried about slipping in them on the limestone floors, but Hadid helped her keep her balance.

‘Nothing was flat and it was very easy to fall, and I was pleased that I didn’t fall because it was also dark. 


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