Paulina Porizkova is praised on Instagram after sharing a body-positive post about her ‘older neck’


Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has been praised for embracing her body and the ageing process after she shared a body-positive post on Instagram. 

The 54-year-old Czech-born model, who has become known to share regular body-positive posts, took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 23, to discuss her neck, which she said she once used to ‘hate’. 

‘Let’s talk about necks. Older necks, specifically. How many of us hate our necks?’ she began the heartfelt post, which has garnered a lot of praise from her followers. 

‘I hated mine until I saw this photo, published last year in Czech Elle. And here, I sort of love it,’ she wrote, referring to the portrait shot she shared.

The photo, a black and white shot, showed the model staring out into the distance with her hair tied back, exposing her neck and decolletage.  

‘The ropey parts, sharply defined and angular, suit me I think,’ she wrote. 

‘I like the decisiveness of my neck. I look to be on my way somewhere, looking forward to it, being on my way. 

‘Like two sails in the wind. And no one can stop me. My neck leads the way,’ she wrote, before adding several hashtags that read ‘I don’t hate my neck’, ‘sexy has no age limit’ and ‘moving on’.

Since she shared her heartfelt post, it has racked up almost 10,000 likes and over 600 comments.

Many have praised Paulina for being open about her body image struggles, while others have encouraged her to embrace her appearance. 

One user commented on the post, writing: ‘My neck I’m not liking but I love your post and maybe because of you I will begin to love mine too.’

Another wrote: ‘Dear Paulina, you might not like parts of your body or how those parts age, but never your neck or your shoulders. Those two are the frame of your fantastic face, and they age with a style that fit perfectly to the aging of your face.

‘The beauty and strength of character you show in this image and all those after your Mom’s wedding are the true definition of perfection. 

‘I will dream till the day that I die about having the opportunity of shooting some images of that perfection mixed with my passion for light. You are inmortal [sic], I am not… dreaming is free,’ she added.

And it isn’t the first time Paulina has opened up about the aging process and her neck. 

Back in February, the supermodel revealed the non-invasive neck-tightening treatment she has used to stay looking youthful.

In an Instagram video she let viewers see a  glimpse her ‘magic’ laser treatment targeted at areas along her neck to promote tightening of the skin. 

‘It may look like I’m smiling on the outside,’ Paulina said as the technician leading the procedure worked on one side of the model’s neck. ‘But on the inside, I’m going “ahhh.”‘ 

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure to tighten areas of the skin with the help of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves. 

Paulina described it as her ‘go-to magic’ laser treatment because of how the results have improved areas like her neck. 

Besides sharing multiple videos of herself getting the procedure done, Paulina also explained that the results will continue to improve along her neck for three months. 

But with the incredible procedure comes extreme pain, Paulina said, as she described it to be worse than childbirth.   

‘Why wouldn’t everyone in the world do it?’ Paulina wrote in a post for her Instagram followers. 

‘Well, first of all, it hurts. Like a lot. I have gone through natural childbirth twice with no drugs, but when I do Ultherapy, I wish there were some around.’ 

She described the procedure, which causes a burning and prickly sensation along the targeted area, as if someone were to take a lighter ‘and slowly trail it across your skin’. 

‘Only, instead of burn scars, you’ll have more collagen plumping up your skin and look perfectly fine directly after,’ Paulina wrote. 

The other downside of the procedure is it can be costly to the bank account, as treating large areas like the face and neck together can cost upwards of $4,000 to $5,500 in New York City, according to Today. 

Paulina was seen in one video inhaling laughing gas to help lessen the pain from the laser procedure.    

‘[The technician] knows her stuff, lessens the discomfort with laughing gas — which the wonderful office of @drhalaas provides — and you walk out looking like you haven’t just spend an hour in pain,’ Paulina wrote. 

Her neck appeared to be red from the procedure, but that redness typically fades within the first few days after the treatment. In place of the redness is the skin looking tightened and more youthful than before.   

The procedure can also be used in smaller areas of the face — including between the brows, around the eyes and along the mouth.  

However there are other, less invasive ways to keep your neck in shape, according to skincare expert Cathy Kangas, founder of PRAI Beauty, who warned that the area is one that receives far less attention that it should from most women. 

‘Your neck ages twenty times faster than your face and is the biggest giveaway adding years to your perceived age,’ she told ‘We like to say, “Faces lie, necks tell the truth.” 

‘The skin on your neck is most similar to the skin around the eyes making it more vulnerable to fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage when compared the rest of the skin on the face.’ 

Cathy noted that most women ‘ignore their neck’, and even those that believe they are treating it simply by using their moisturizer slightly lower than they might do normally are not covering everything they need to. 

‘The neck area is from your chin all the way down to your cleavage so it includes your neck, chest and bust,’ she explained.  

‘We like to say from the bra line to the jawline as we recommend you use gentle, upward strokes when applying any neck cream starting from the cleavage and working your way up to the chin.’

In order to keep your neck looking as young as possible – and to avoid ‘crepiness and droopy jowls’, Cathy advises all women to start using a dedicated neck cream – like PRAI Beauty’s best-selling Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme ($39.95) – while they are in their 30s. 

‘It is essential to use a targeted cream that is developed specifically for the throat and décolletage to attack and fix crepiness, double chins and droopy jowls,’ she noted. 

‘Even in your 30’s, you should be using a neck cream instead of a normal face moisturizer as your neck has different skincare concerns than your face. 

‘Neck products contain active ingredients targeting the specific ailments affecting the neck and décolletage. The skin on the neck is much thinner and contains fewer oil glands than the face making it much more susceptible to aging.’  


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