Journalists slam Forever 21 for selling ‘fake news’ printed bike shorts


Forever 21 has sparked a heated and contentious debate on Twitter with a pair of ‘biker shorts’ which are printed with the words ‘fake news’.

The fast fashion retailer is currently selling a pair of tight black shorts with the words ‘fake news’ written in white print all over the fabric. 

When the statement-making sportswear caught the attention of some reporters, they were furious — but their complaints inspired many members of the MAGA-verse to defend them.

The ‘Fake News Graphic Biker Shorts’ are currently being sold on the site for $9.90.

In the description, the brand says there is also a matching top, though it no longer appears to be available on the site and may have sold out.

It’s unclear how long the bike shorts have been available from Forever 21, but on July 22, Capital Gazette sports reporter Katherine Fominykh tweeted a photo of them.

‘Turns out, all you need to express your hatred for journalists in clothing form is $9.90, to be given to @Forever21! Wow, so affordable!’ she wrote.

She was soon retweeted by Baltimore Sun reporter Pamela Wood, who wrote: ‘This is not funny, cute or fashionable, @Forever21. Why are you selling this product?’

While each tweet earned over a thousand likes from supporters, they also each received thousands of comments — many from critics.

‘LMFAO…. I bet they’re sold out. I’m now a fan,’ wrote one.

‘Buying these,’ wrote another, while a third wrote that they were ‘Christmas gifts.’

‘Oh my gosh, get over it. They’re biker shorts. Stop this modern day, book burning, cancel culture,’ tweeted Dana Loesch.

Several took the opportunity to bash journalists, with some tweeting that they should ‘learn to code.’

Interestingly, some also tweeted that the shorts were already ‘sold out’ — which in itself could be called ‘fake news,’ since Forever21 still has them available in two out of four sizes. 

The uproar comes the same week that Forever 21 found itself in hot water on Twitter for sending Atkins bars with online orders.

The brand has been sending samples of Atkins’ low-carb lemon bars with packages, leaving some customers furious over alleged body-shaming.

Though the bars were sent with all online orders, several customers who ordered plus-size clothing believed they were being targeted with the diet food in a fat-shaming technique.

Angry customers have been slamming the company on Twitter for promoting the weight-loss snacks. 

‘I have received my order of 5 items from the plus section…..oh and this atkins bar that slipped in there. I don’t take kindly to people telling me how to live my life. Oh, and when you were packing the diet bar, you forgot to put my actual invoice!!!’ tweeted Gigi, a student from New York.

‘YES shame on me for ordering from @Forever21 but why do they have to push diet food on me?? It came with an Atikins bar?? griped a disgruntled customer named Chloe. 

Forever 21 apologized in a statement on Tuesday, saying the promotion was sent to all of its customers — not just the plus-size shoppers.

‘From time to time, Forever 21 surprises our customers with free test products from third parties in their e-commerce orders,’ the said. 

‘The freebie items in question were included in all online orders, across all sizes and categories, for a limited time and have since been removed.

‘This was an oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused to our customers, as this was not our intention in any way.’



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