Householder returns fire ‘after drive-by shooting’ on a suburban street


Home security cameras have captured a dramatic drive-by shooting on a residential street – with a resident running outside to return fire.

In one clip, posted online and identified as being filmed in Chicago, the passenger side door of a white SUV shuts before the vehicle drives down the block and three shots ring out.

The front door of a house opens and woman’s voice can be heard saying: ‘They just shot this man in front of my house, they killed this man in front of my house.’

No body can be seen but she quickly retreats to safety inside the house.

In a different clip a man and a woman can be seen rushing down the steps of their front porch out towards SUV which appears in the lower left corner of the video before disappearing from view.

The man is topless and carries a hand gun with him which he points in the direction that the car drove off.

Suddenly both run back into the house as shots ring out and bullets can be seen hitting the front terrace outside the house’s windows.

The man can be heard asking if the woman is shot, when she replies that she hasn’t been he returns outside, taking cover in the porch awning, prepared to return fire down the street.

Chicago has seen 1,651 shootings in the city since the start of 2019. Of those, 301 have resulted in a death.

Only 12 of the shooting this year resulting in death or injury have been deemed as self-defense. 


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