Diver bitten by a shark is rescued by a boat full of nurses who were nearby


A man who was attacked by a shark while spearfishing off the coast of Miami was rescued by a boat full of nurses who just happened to be fishing from another vessel nearby. 

The 40-year-old victim was seen crawling into a charter boat that was carrying two nurses, Christine Haines and Glaiza Martin, who were fishing with a group of friends.

He was bleeding profusely from his left arm as the nurses jumped into action and used a blue fabric to create a tourniquet. 

‘Our first instinct of course was to stop the bleeding,’ Haines said, adding that the man was already ‘getting dizzy’ once he was on the boat.  

Haines said the man had bite marks in about three different places on his arm. 

The man had been diving with his friends near Key Biscayne when he was rescued. 

His friends were able to flag down the passing charter boat that was carrying the nurses, Kayle Evans, an employee for Hot Shot Charters, told WPLG.

The man’s wet suit was damaged and he was bleeding all over the boat. 

However, he remained calm and kept his arm raised as the nurses worked to stop the blood flow.

They called 911, and it took about 20 minutes before the boat arrived to the shore where paramedics were waiting to rush the victim to the hospital. 

‘I just tried to keep him awake, asked him if he needed water,’ Evans told the station. ‘He told me to rinse him down, so I sprayed him down.’ 

Evans said the man said the word ‘shark’ a few times. 

First responders who treated him said they believe the diver suffered a ‘possible shark bite’ and that the man’s arm was ‘mangled’.   

According to Volusia County, Capt Mike Berard, there were two other shark bites near New Smyrna Beach on the same day. 

Berard told the station that a shark bit into the hand and wrist of a 20-year-old woman who was surfing.

Another shark bit a 21-year-old man’s right foot.


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