Adorable moment golden retriever gets scared by plastic hair clip


This is the adorable moment a golden retriever dog named Tucker is left absolutely baffled by its owner’s hair clip. 

Michigan dog owner Courtney Budzyn shared a video introducing her dog to a black plastic hair clip.

Tucker couldn’t figure out just how to feel about the accessory, at first jumping on the bed in fear of it, possibly mistaking the clip for a living creature, before coming closer for a curious look and becoming playful with the barrette. 

The one-year-old dog at first barks and shakes it head at the clip when Budzyn snaps it at his snout.

Then he comes in for a closer look and several more times jerks backwards every time Budzyn snaps it.

Finally, he tries to put it in his mouth and tries to play with the toy. 

Budzyn hilariously captioned the video as if interpreting the pub’s own thoughts writing: ‘Oh hello’, ‘da hekk’, ‘loobster?’, ‘you rude’, ‘you snip snap must destroy’.

She shared the clip on Instagram and YouTube writing: ‘Loobsters is definitely food, NOT frens. Almost snip snapped my hekkin floof off.’ 

She shared the clip on Friday August 2 on Instagram where it’s gone viral racking up over 1.7million views and over 343,000 likes. 

Tucker is already an Instagram star in his own right boasting 1.5million followers on the page ran by his mom.  


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