Website called AI portraits turns your selfies into artistic portraits


A new website can turn your selfies into Renaissance works of art by re-imagining them in classical portrait form. was created by programmers from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and uses an algorithm which was trained using 45,000 different classical portraits.

There’s a number of styles included in the database, covering artists from Rembrandt to Titian to van Gogh which allows it to render your face in oil, watercolour or ink.

Unlike similar apps like FaceApp, the algorithm here is not merely ‘painting over’ your face in a new style, according to the Verge.

It uses what’s known as a generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate new features from scratch. 

Using Deep Learning, the researchers loaded paintings from the Early Renaissance to contemporary art to help train the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) models. 

Instead of a simple filter, the AI ‘paints’ a whole new image based on the image you upload on the site. 

The researchers behind the app say that the algorithm ‘decides upon a Renaissance style, highlighting the elegance of the aquiline nose or the smoothness of the forehead.’ 

In the past week, security fears were raised after some experts warned that it could access images from your gallery and keep the image that you modified.

But, the creators promise that they won’t use your data for any other purpose, and any images you send are ‘immediately’ deleted after use.

‘Your photos are sent to our servers to generate portraits. We won’t use data from your photos for any other purpose and we’ll immediately delete them,’ the site said.

FaceApp said in a statement last week that most of its photos are deleted within 48 hours of upload.

The images that it does select for ‘learning purposes’ are transferred to the cloud for better performance. 


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