Instagram is DOWN: Users complain as app crashes around the world AGAIN


Instagram has gone down again for what feels like ‘the millionth time’ this summer, according to disgruntled users.

The site had been experiencing spotty troubles since the early morning hours on Thursday, but it all came to a head around 11:30 am (ET) when the outages appeared to spike.

Thousands of reports have since come in from the US and UK, along with parts of Russia, Malaysia, and India.

On the app, users have been stuck unable to refresh their feeds. 

The issue primarily seems to be affecting the news feed, though some have reported problems loading Stories and logging in, too.

This summer has been particularly bad for social media outages, with sites seeming to crash every other day.

Last week, Reddit and Twitter were struck by back-to-back outages that left each platform down for hours.

The entire Facebook suite of apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, crashed at the beginning of the month and remained down for nearly an entire day.

At the time, the firm blamed an internal issue triggered during routine maintenance for the widespread loss of functionality. 

Users have taken note of the frequent outages and expressed their frustration on Twitter.


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